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Time to pay the fiddler.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Also, power corrupts.

I don’t buy that, by the way.

I think a weaker mind simply does what those flaws allow the weaker mind to get away with.

However great men wield power to accomplish great things.

At the table next to me, power is being used to settle a petty grievance.

Here is what I know from 10 minutes of serious evesdropping.

The semi-feminine guy with the ferret face is the head of a home owners association. Due to the air of uncaring elitest attitude this guy exudes, I have settled on the name Nero.

Nero, among his other powers, controls what parking spots are assigned for 3 month periods to residents in his little high end community.

The whiny, pale guy sitting across from him, has evidently been given the shit spot to park for the better part of a year. Lets call him Golum. (Golum seeks the “Precious” parking space. Its weak, but I like it.)

“This is getting unacceptable! My car has been broken into twice in the last year!”

The hiss whisper remains my favorite method of public arguing. It is so ineffective in terms of making what you say private that it actually carries further than regular speech.

I am making the assumption that the parking spots are all located together, with the exception of Golum’s space, which is evidently located in the ghetto somewhere.

“We have security people that patrol, what more can we do?” Nero has a smarmy sneer that makes you want to choke him out, UFC style.

“You can give me a better parking spot, this is unfair!” Golum is just barely keeping it together at this point.

“Fair? The spots are assigned at random, every 3 months, you know that.”

Translation: You’re fucked and we both know it, but only one of us cares.

“I would like to witness the “random” picking next time.”

I wonder if he realizes how lost his argument is if he is even discussing it. Probably not.


Translation: Fuck you, Golum. Go suck eggs.”

What is it you do in a situation like this?

Nero has a little bit of power and is abusing the hell out of it.

Golum is a little slug of a man with a so so backbone and has no pull whatsoever, and deep down knows he is screwed with no hope, but he feels compelled to try.

Its like a really whiny version of a greek tragedy, without the death and murder and stuff.

And the really shitty part is, Golum bought a house at the beginning of this. Paid good money, and now he is being screwed with, without any sort of recourse.

Ain’t life a bitch.

This is some peoples American dream.

However, if your dream depends on some little bastards swollen ego giving you the “good guy” nod? You may be SOL.

Because there will come a time that you have to knuckle under to whatever Nero wants.

We call this “Time to pay the fiddler.”

The nickname Nero suddenly makes a lot more sense to me.

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