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Change is in the air.

First, a haiku:


Dancing words on page,

Literary merriment,

Sooth my soul in print.


I was raking a zen pebble garden for an hour before composing that.

I contemplated my fourth shakra the whole time.

Why so negative?

I am dedicating the blog to a higher conciousness.

A more positive perspective of the people on spaceship earth as we journey together.

Like the Zen philosopher Basho’s concept of Dual Oneness describes, the center of balance is within and without.

I also dipped my yoga mat in bleach.

Because when I contemplate? I contemplate commando style, people!

And I don’t want to put my taint at risk for staph while I am ommmm-ing.

It occurs to me that I am not fooling anyone.

There is a part of me that is lamenting the fact that ALL of the above is total horse shit.

It would be nice if at least some of that was true.

Alas and alack.

And if there was a Lass, there would be no lack. (Oh COME ON! You people are so hard to please!)

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the US.

A day to give thanks.

Not really my style.

There is more of a selfish prick angle to my roll.

Its not nice or even easy to admit, but it at least approaches honesty.

But is it funny? Really?

Got a little bit of a brood going on today.

There are a lot of things I would change about myself, not just the blog, if I could.

The Bitter mind is a twisted miasma of baggage and knee jerk reflexes that makes it hard to be me sometimes, much less date and deal with someone else.

So maybe the point of this little screed is in sending out the proper thoughts of apology to those wronged. (Jeez, that list is LOOOONG.)

To those I have interacted with, going all the way back to high school, my sainted ex wife, and any woman who had the misfortune of deciding that this hot mess looked like a day at the beach.

Sorry. You all know who you are.

For those of you who have been offended by the blog, and are waiting for an apology, keep waiting.

You got on this bus of your own free will, and you don’t get the luxury of bitching about the destination.

I have long maintained that the blog is a mental chamber pot that I empty out of the window of the internet every Friday morning at 0500, to be dumped on the ignorant and the dumb.

There are a precious few of you that have the nimble feet and dodge it, taking what little of value you can find in it and leaving the rest in the gutter.

One man’s shit is another man’s, well, shit.

But it might be a little funny.

So at least thats something.

Namaste bitches.


(FOOTNOTE- Molloy gets the assist for the blog above. I rarely edit after posting, but it has been pointed out that I am an ungrateful shit. Turns out thats true.)

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