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The Mouse that roared. (Or never stops)

Anaheim is the wrong city to be homeless in.

This is a little burg that has been under the iron thumb of the Mouse since the 50’s.

And for a good reason.

Anaheim and a lot of the surrounding cities would still be orange groves if it were not for the Mouse.

But that always comes at a price.

I am heading to the Mouse park today.

We will be opening and closing the park today.

In my desperate search for a Starbucks that is NOT located in a large hotel, I drove by the front of the park.

The is a homeless guy sleeping up against the fence, about 10 feet in from the sidewalk on a beautifully decorated flower patch.

And the Mouse cops were walking up as I drove by.

I can imagine that, while they are much more polite than the standard security or PD, they have one mandate, protect the Mouse.

So, if you have never had the boot put to you by a man in a mouse costume, welding a mahogany billy club held by a hand in a 3 fingered white glove.

In the 80’s, a friend of mine was detained for several hours by the Mouse PD.

His crime? Wearing a t-shirt with a suggestive slogan on it, and refusing to change it.

It probably doesn’t help that the friend in question has a belligerent attitude towards authority.

And the Mouse does not suffers fools lightly.

He was finally released unharmed a few hours later.

Being the solid group of friends the rest of us were, we didn’t wait for him, we partied in the park for several hours.

We’re good like that.

But, hockey rules, no blood, no foul.

And, in all truth, I never saw the Mouse harm anyone, but I have heard talk.

A LOT of talk.

In the end, the Mouse is a lot like any benevolent deity.

He is good, he is cruel, he is capable of great things.

And all should fear him.


(Side note. Spent the day, open to close at the Mouse on Sunday. EPIC time. The Mouse knows his shit, seriously. ALL staff, without exception, were wildly courteous, helpful and well groomed. The park was fun, smiles exerywhere and reaffirmed my belief in life, America and a just God. The fireworks display put most 4th of July displays to shame and they do that nightly. The Mouse rocks and gets a gold star in the big book of American commercialism in my book.)

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