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How hot is your hell?

Scrap-booking is some sort of evil cult, of this I am fairly sure.

I have a friend that is going away for a “Weekend Scrap-booking Retreat”.

Its going to be at a B&B, with scenic views, wine, and hours of scrap-booking.

I will let that digest for a moment.

For me, that is not going down easy, like a shot of some foul liquor that gets half-way down your throat and then locks up and your whole body convulses in the effort not to spew it back out.

B&B’s exist for one purpose and one purpose only.

They are a getaway spot for room service and sex.

A place you go to live naked in the room for 2-3 sticky days, waited on by deaf and dumb servants, living on wine and baskets of food left at the door at regular intervals.

The kind of place that can have a defibrillator at your room in under 2 minutes, no questions asked.

But Scrap-booking? That is a form of twisted that even 50 Shades of Grey would think is creepy.

Its like the Swedenborg version of hell, but instead of the cruel intentions and desires of the denizens of hell, they have massive scrap-booking parties.

But maybe that is mean on my part.

Its always dicey business to hassle one of the 5 people who actually reads and likes the blog.

Pissing off 20% of my readership is more than a little self-destructive.

As for the several dozen that read and hate the blog?

Doesn’t matter, they will still email and bitch about everything under the sun.

Swedenborg was homophobic, that will come back to haunt me.

B&B’s are an element of “White privilege”.

Sex is evil, bible says so.

It does stun me sometimes what people will focus on when they stop fussing with one of their dozen cats and climb up on their rickety soap box to pontificate in their screetchy little voices.

Stuff that defies logic or maybe because it defies logic.

Mentioning Sweden means I am pushing the Swedish ideal of massive daycare as Plato envisioned in “Republic”. (Yeah, someone trotted that little theory out on me 6 months ago because of a single Swedish reference. )

None of this is valid or relevant, but that will not keep these whining fucking maggots from bitching at me on Friday morning.

When I first started this blog it was simply to have an outlet for vile thoughts and witnessed events. And that is what it still is.

Its main purpose has never been for anyone elses enjoyment, only my own.

The fact that some like it/hate it is just a lucky side effect.

But, and here is the shitty side of my personality, I really enjoy pissing people off.

And maybe I cater a little too much to the asshole within.

So be it.

I am numb at this point point, its like the email version of white noise at this point, background, barely heard.

What I need is a vacation.

A getaway.

Like a B&B.

Suddenly, a little scrap-booking doesn’t sound so bad.

But maybe thats the coffee talking.


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