Puppies and Rainbows

07 Aug

So I had someone whine at me that I am too negative.

A comment that I immediately derided and belittled.

And then, I read over the blogs for the last, oh say, all of them.

Maybe they have a point.

So I have decided to write a positive themed post today.

Tougher than I thought.

I am like a pressure cooker. Pressure builds and eventually it can’t hold it and steam escapes in the form of a post.

So, here is what I will do.

I will tell you about 3 things I have seen in the last week that made me smile.


The first was a young mother.

And I mean young.

18 at the most and pushing a stroller up to Starbucks when I arrived.

The stroller was configured so the baby faced her.

I held the door. (Chivalry is not dead, its just resting for the most part.)

Mom kept up a whole conversation with the baby all thru the line.

The baby was paying attention.

Once she had her coffee, she went and sat down with the stroller right there.

No cell phone to be seen, total focus on her child.

There is hope for the world.

This is the polar opposite of what you normally see with a mother and child in Starbucks.

When mom is older, late 30’s and 40’s, the kid is on his own.

Mom is busy, usually texting or on the phone.

Lord of the Flies time, people.

There is a reason why your body is able to have a child in your teens.

Because you are supposed to.

Just because modern science has made it possible to have a child in your 50’s, doesn’t mean you should.

To paraphrase Chris Rock, you COULD drive your car with just your feet if you want to, but that doesn’t make it a good fucking idea.

I wish mother and child all the best.


Four construction workers were having lunch at a burger place I like.

3 were obviously experienced guys, with a new guy, kid really, sitting off to the side and trying to be included.

It was like watching a puppy desperately trying to play with someone ignoring him.

And then, things shifted.

The oldest of the 3, lets call him Big John, looked over at NKOTB. (New Kid On The Block)

“After lunch, I am going to have you work with me on the entry.”

NKOTB’s head snapped up and a smile spread on his face. Someone noticed the puppy existed.


One of the other guys, lets call him Mullet, (No judgement here. God loves you and your trailer.) shook his head and leaned towards Big John.

“He’s digging the utility trench, only half done.” He says this almost with regret, its just too bad.

Big John is casual about it and doesn’t miss a beat.

“Finish the trench, I want him to work on the entry with me.”

I will give him this, Big John runs a tight ship. Mullet didn’t even make a face. “Ok.”

Lesson: There is a reason they call them Alpha Dogs.


Third and final positive thing.

Thelma and Louise.

That is the title of a God-awful feminist movie from the 80’s that was the biggest piece of self indulgent crap ever forced on the public.

It is also the nickname I have given to two apparently bat-shit crazy homeless crones I see everyday during my afternoon bicycle commute.

They are anywhere from 60-100, but street aged to the point that it no longer matters.

They are OLD.

They are also 2 different types of bat-shit crazy.

Thelma always looks really pissed and never stops chewing out someone imaginary nearby.

Louise looks like a carbon copy of her partner and never says a word.

However, she is always wearing several layers of clothes, even on a hot day, and has a shopping cart piled high with more clothes.

I see them heading down the street together in a really crappy part of town.

Yesterday, they were crossing the street. I was waiting for the light.

The street had a slight incline from the curb to the middle of the street.

Thelma walked a little ahead, keeping up her constant stream of obscenities at the ghosts around her.

Louise fell behind, struggling to pull her shopping cart piled high up the slight incline.

It was a sad little scene, mainly because she was failing.

The cart would not leave the gutter.

I began to lean my bike against a pole to go help, I am an asshole, but not a heartless asshole.

And stopped.

Thelma looked back, saw her companion struggling, and shut her mouth for the first time I had ever seen.

She went back to help.

Even crazy needs a friend.

The two of them pulled the cart to the middle of the street and over the hump.

They made it to the curb and went past me, down the sidewalk.

I realised I had tears on my cheeks.


There is hope for this world.

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