The hardest working java house in the world.

05 May

The busiest little coffee whorehouse in the world.

Back in the day, there were these little booth kiosks on the far side of the parking lot of your local department store.

Tiny little buildings that were called Photomats and it was drive thru film developing drop off and pick up.

This is before digital cameras came along and put them out of business.

There was enough room to house a clerk, a register, a filing cabinet for peoples pics, and film to sell.

This was before the automatic film deloping machine existed, all of that was done off site. But even if those machines did exist, they would not fit in that tiny little hut.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I am in a Starbucks that is roughly the size of 2 of those little buildings.

It is also the busiest Starbucks I have ever been in.

There are currently 47 people inside the building and another 20 outside.

In Yucca Valley, California.

For those that are unfamiliar with the local geography, Yucca valley is in the middle of nowhere and is not close to anything but the ground.

Tables to write at are as rare as a unicorn in this place.

However, I am Irish and was born with the luck, so I managed to secure a spot within 2 minutes of clearing the door jam.

As packed as this place is, the biggest question is, where do I start?

Lets go with the staff.

At first I thought the barista was really slow, there being several rows of logo cups with various things written on them all awaiting her attention.

However, after watching the barista, correction the TWO baristas, working at a fairly good clip, I came to the conclusion that the issue lies with the cashier.

He’s some sort of cashier rockstar. The man knows his shit.

Every move is quick, precise and flows into the next.

Its like a retail ballet. As impressive to behold as it is to realize that he makes minimum wage.

Side note – Before anyone climbs onto their soap box to screech about corporate greed and how can the cashier support a family of 5 on minimum wage, keep in mind that the job could also be done by any else off the street with minimal training, and that is why it shouldn’t pay more than minimum. There, said my piece.

The manager, it seems, is a good one, seems to grasp the fact that the manager is always moving and HAS to be a quick fill in helper at any point in the process.

In short, this TINY little Starbucks in the middle of fucking nowhere is absolutely rocking it.

And here I thought the only thing this area of Southern California was capable of doing well was cooking meth and hiding massive indoor pot farms.

Silly me.

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