The origin of bad attitudes

17 Mar

Not everyone is a morning person.

Me? When my eyes open, I am fully functional, like a sarcastic robot. (Coffee is the “Founder of the Feast” here. Take note.)

My kids don’t take after me in this regard.

There is an hour after they get up that you just leave them alone.

Grumbling, pissy, and nothing but fun to mess with. (Starting to see the whole divorce picture?)

Some people take this pissy-ness to a higher level.

Take the guy in line ahead of me at the gas station cashier with the leather jacket and serious BO.

He smells like BO, cigarettes and old ass stuck between floors in an elevator with no air conditioning on a hot sunny day. (Awesome line.)

It seems a little busy for sun up on a Saturday at the gas station.

However, since we are a stone’s throw from LA International Airport, this may be normal.

Besides smelling like shit, what happens next is what brings the term “pissy-ness” into the equation.

The line has moved forward and BO Dude is next up.

“20 bucks on 4.” He grumbles, tossing a crumpled bill on the counter and turning to leave.

Wait, we are not there yet.

Here is is.

“$20 on 4, got it. Have a nice day.” The cashier says this a little automatically, but with a pleasant tone.

“Oh, fuck off.” And then he goes out the door.


Typically, people require something other than a morning pleasantry before throwing that reply out there.

Common courtesy is dead, evidently.

Some peoples kids, I tell you.

This is how the zombie holocaust begins.

Its a small step to go from “Oh, fuck off.” To leaping across the counter and eating the cashier’s brains.

Ok, maybe its a fairly big point, but can you see where I am going with this? (Could you let me know? I am rambling at this point.)

There are some things you witness that stay with you.

How can something that is considered minor and yet still be in my head and screwing with me and this blog several hours later?

Because it isn’t.

Clarity sometime comes upon you like a case of the shits, brutal, sometimes painful, but usually giving you some relief in the end.

It is a big deal because, just as a base, we expect people to be better.

Are anyone of us capable of saying that kind of shitty, dismissive thing to someone else at any given moment?


10 out of 10 times when you hear someone else do it, don’t we all feel like they shouldn’t?


What it boils down to is this:

We are all a bunch of holier than thou shitheads that secretly wish we were better people.

Wow, this went from being slightly humorous to being a downer quickly.

So lets rationalize this another way.

I have often thought that people with shitty attitudes have shitty lives. (If I meant vile, sarcastic attitudes, I would have said so. Vile and sarcastic usually means happy, intelligent and bored)

So maybe this guy with the bad attitude and the dirty mouth had just that morning realized that he had the clap.

Which changes things.

Because with the right excuse, a bad attitude is understandable.

And painful.

Get yourself checked, slap on a little deodorant and have a nice day.


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