Caffeine and Print addictions, talk about a bitch.

23 Dec

The printed word is an addictive drug for many.

But you will never see it mentioned on an episode of Intervention.

The print monkey can sit heavy on your shoulder for decades.

Amazon’s Kindle can move you to digital, but the only difference is that it is easier to carry.

But print is print.

And a physical book has the added hook of nostalgia.

I mentioned awhile ago that an old friend had opened a restaurant in the front half of Galaxy book store in Redondo Beach, CA.

I was eating breakfast, an awesome breakfast burrito with an few Irish twists, when I heard it.

The books were calling to me.

Almost in a dream, I got up and walked thru the arch and into the bookstore.

I took my coffee, caffeine addiction trumps dreaming, 9 times out of 10.

The guy at the counter in the bookstore eyes me, but he understands the symbiotic relationship with the restaurant and says nothing.

Books were my first step out of diapers.

The first one was the Hobbit at age 7.

Mom was a little iffy about letting me read it, but she allowed it.

And that started the print Monkey’s entry into my life.

I still deal with it.

And places like this bookstore do not help.

Galaxy bookstore has that touch that only an independent bookstore has.

Its hip.

Hip in that cool way, not the annoying Katy Perry type hip.

They recently had a book signing for several self published authors.

And yet, they have all of your main authors from the big publishers.

Its a nice balance, and one that favors the reader, which is really unusual.

Or maybe its just tough for me to understand due to my whore-like capitalistic mentality.

Maybe its important not to over think it.

Bottom line is, once you get into the ritual of reading, print can open up and show you whole new universes, and yet still be mildly annoying at times.

But, like all addictions, we ignore that and focus on the high.

So Galaxy bookstore is one of the cooler crack houses I have ever seen.

I haven’t bought a physical book in several years, only digital.

And yet, sitting back in the restaurant, I realize that I have purchased several enticing titles.

In the back of my head, the print monkey is screeching in delight.

He gets that way, I swear he works for the publishers, and yet, he loves reading my stuff as well, so I know that is not true.

As I have said before, Caffeine and Print are on the lower end of the addictions list, but they are still there.

But as far as addictions go, this is one of the coolest places to get your fix on.

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