Rock witch-hunt.

20 Dec

I was never a big Led Zeppelin fan.

I enjoy it when the songs come on the radio, but I don’t have any of the albums and never did, even back in the day.

I am on my morning walk from the underground bunker I park at down to Starbucks.

Re-reading the Hobbit one last time.

Saw the 2nd installment of the movie over the weekend.


Right in the middle of the Troll’s turning to stone I am pulled back into the default world by incredibly loud guitar riffs.

Let me paint the picture.

Traffic is backed up in downtown Manhattan Beach, cars almost parked.

The reason is, with such a premium on space, it is tough for the garbage trucks to get to the garbage without the ass end of their trucks hanging out into the middle of the street.

Which leads to the back up.

In the middle of the intersection, stuck their during a red light, is a man that does not care.

Late model silver Lexus, not the base model.

Middle aged guy, balding on top, hair more gray than anything else hanging to his shoulders.

Speakers cranked to their loudest as Led Zeppelin is at the mid-point of one of their bigger hits.

And this guy is just rocking it!

Full on seated, seat-belted rock out going on in this car.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Dance like no one is looking?” This guy is “Dancing like you don’t give a shit.”

With a vengeance.

Its a show all in itself.

He is definitely a spectacle.

But there is a little bit of envy.

Don’t you wish you were so into something you could just lose yourself in it like that?

I realize the current ad campaign would like you to feel that way about Obamacare, but its not the same.

Traffic finally moves and the old rocker moves on, no doubt to spread the message of Rock and Roll to others.

Like some sort of seditious Johnny Appleseed, sowing the seeds of rebellion.

Interesting strain of consciousness going on here.

Obamacare and mention of rebellion one sentence apart.

Sigmund Freud would probably have something to say about that, but he would be bored because is wasn’t dirty and involving my mother.

Freud was old school freak.

I know a psychoanalyst that said that, when dealing with Feud’s work, you have to remember the specific flaws of the man and view his work thru that viewpoint.

Too much work, better to brand him a freak and move on, I got shit to do today.

If it were 200 years ago, I would have a good shot and getting the villagers to burn him as a witch, but times change.

And Led Zeppelin would have been burning right next to him, and all the rockers would probably blame me.

Because when the shit goes down, it usually is bigger and uglier than you ever intend, like when a simple liquor store robbery ends with 3 dead, like I saw on the news this morning.

Maybe that is the message of it all, the secret of keeping it together in tough times.

Keep it simple, try not to stir the shit, and whenever possible?

Rock out in your car like you don’t give a shit.


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2 responses to “Rock witch-hunt.

  1. Captain Obvious

    December 20, 2013 at 9:17 am

    I shared your post on reddit. This was hilarious and intriguing. Random and constructed like a popcorn chart but with an underlying witty and dry sense of classy humor. I love it. Not many people can describe an observation on paper as well as you just did. And tying in Freud at the end was an added bonus. Feel free to visit my site: Devastating The Obvious

  2. bittermac

    December 20, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Well thank you Captain Obvious! Checking out your site as we speak.


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