Cell phone wars and bike rides.

21 Oct

The war is over.

Casualties were high, but the outcome is good.

I ended up deciding on the iPhone 5C.

It has the polycarbonate shell, but still has a serious heft to it that keeps it from feeling cheap.

And compared to that rotten piece of shit I had, it works like a goddam dream.

I had no problems with my iPhone 4S, so the 5C being faster, bigger screen and better overall, it is a perfect fit.

My disappointment at the shitty track record of the Galaxy 4S is big.

Tech support is shit, so is Sprint tech support by the way, and they could never get two separate units fully up and running.

The iPhone? Turn it on, that is all that was needed.

Apple, evil empire that it is, with pretty serious human rights manufacturing issues, but they know their shit, I will give them that.

When it comes down to it, your cell phone should be an afterthought, a background thought, let you check your stuff and never be the problem.

I spend a lot of time Facebooking, texting, emailing, gaming… etc.

And with what they cost, both the phone and the data/talk/text plans, the stupid things had better work.

I spent 3 days, shleping back and forth to the Sprint store. (Including my mistaken journey to the most poorly run Sprint store I have ever seen and will never go back to.)

That is time that I will never get back.

The phone war has aged me, hardened me, made me deal with a side of myself I didn’t like.

But its over now, and I am home.


Decided a celebratory bike ride was in order.

The LA River is lined with bike paths.

We (No details here) started at the LA River Center and Gardens in Glendale.

This is a hidden cool place on a side street in what appeared to be a shitty section of Glendale.

Beautiful place that was closed when we got there.

The gates, however, were open, so we wandered around for a few.

The solitude was nice.

Time for the bike ride.

Getting to the LA River was a little frightening.

Major road construction going on in Glendale right now. (We will be kind and ignore the fact that I was in this area a year ago for a bike race and this section was torn up then too.)

Once we got to the river, the bike path is stunning.

The ride is lined with little pocket parks on the left, and what appears to be wetlands in the middle of the LA River on the right.

Some of the sections have 3-4 story trees growing, so much more than you would expect.

The course of the ride is from a magazine article from 2009.

There is a stop during the first hour where you leave the LA River and trek east for a quarter mile and visit an art gallery.

An art gallery that doesn’t exist anymore.

Evidently, 2009 was a long time ago.

Thats ok, this is a really artsy, elitist section of pretentiousness, so there is always another crappy gallery to take its place.

Back on the bike path, the knot in my ass brought on by the visit to the land of “Rich folk pretending their no” begins to fade.

I love bicycling, its like a massage for the soul, complete with happy ending.

The halfway point is a stop at a high end bakery for lunch.

Baked goods are one of the concrete pieces of evidence that there is a God.

Pastries, coffee, gourmet grilled cheese, lunch was stunning.

The ride back started off well, then quickly turned to shit.

A broken spoke puts a wobble in your wheel that is amazing mainly because the wheel keeps turning even with about a 3 inch wobble.

We made it back and I got my bike to the shop, where an angry Belgian will return it to perfect condition.

Life is better.

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