Sexting ain’t just for kids.

06 Sep

I live within 2 miles of some of the finest Mexican food on the planet.

Its Southern California, so Mexican food comes with the Beach.

I decided on an early dinner to miss the rush, so its me, the cashier and two guys in the kitchen.

And then the Sheriff’s arrived, 6 of them.

From the looks of it, they are here for dinner.

I don’t know how the Sheriff’s look in other parts of the country, but in LA County, they hire the biggest guys they can find, put bullet proof vests on them and arm them to the teeth.

Suddenly, I was a minority in the building by not being armed.

I don’t even have a bullet proof vest.

I haven’t broken a law in over a decade, and I was still reviewing my activities.

And yet, I couldn’t leave.

Mainly because I had not finished my burrito. (Barbacoa beef is one of God’s gifts to the world, it would be ungrateful not to savor it.)

Besides, when would be the next time I would get to listen in on LA Sheriff chit chat?

I put on my headphones and began to be really interest in something on my tablet.

And serious chit chat it is.

The subject of private dinner conversation was an officer that everyone at the table seemed to know.

Not a sheriff, one of them made the comment that “At least he’s not a sheriff.”

And it appears he is a deviant.

Evidently, the man in question is into leather, pain and other freaky nonsense.

Which is fine, as long as you keep it to yourself.

But he thought he had found a kindred spirit and texted several BDSM porn shots with himself as the star.

And the kindred spirit not only wasn’t, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, either.

He passed them around.

That is the kind of shit that gets you fired.

Do what you want at home, but don’t bring that shit to work.

And before anyone spouts that “Don’t judge” crap, grow up.

The world and everyone in it judges, glass houses are a bitch.

But talk about your high end office scandle!

I mean, this is better than finding out who fucked who in the maintenance room during the Xmas party.

And yet, it was refreshing to find out that the Sheriff’s are just as twisted as the rest of us.

People are people after all.

With the exception of Syria, those motherfuckers gotta PAY!

Sorry, I try not yo go political, but I couldn’t resist.

I watched a congressional hearing all day and finally came to one, solid, conclusion.

How did any of these shitheads get elected?

Bad toupee’s, poorly spoken, badly dressed and a fairly fugly theme in all of them.

This is like some traveling freak show.

And these assholes are, literally, pulling the trigger on a WHOLE lot of shit.


And the funny thing is, if one of them sextexted dirty pics of themselves, he wouldn’t be leaving office, unless of course his last name was Weiner.

You gotta wonder what that guy did to make his own party turn on him.

You know they have made stickier shit than this go away.

So let that be a rule to follow.

Don’t text your freak pics at work, unless you are a politician with all of his ducks in a row.

Just saying.

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