A day off is a day off.

02 Sep

I was going to write a blog about Labor Day and then decided against it.

I realized that I have a very poor attitude of the labor movement in this country.

Mainly its the unions.

Back when my great grandfather was a steel worker, unions rocked.

Now they kind of exist to fuck up th economy.

Just an opinion.

My great grandfather was a great man, much like most men of that era.

An immigrant, he worked his ass off, fought in the great war, and raised a big family.

The American dream at its core.

He was one of the reasons why I joined the Elk’s Lodge in my early 20’s.

While he was never an Elk, it seemed like the sort of thing he would do.

Plus the bar at the Elk’s lodge was populated with old veterans, which I dig, and outrageously cheap alcohol. ($.25 Corona’s were cheap even in 1988.)

That alone is enough to get me thru the door.

I realize that the average age dropped by 20 years when my cousin walked thru the door.

Other than us, there were few men under the ripe age of 80.

That would probably explain why there is not a younger demographic.

What everyone fails to realize is, these old guys didn’t start out that way.

They were young badasses once.

And they have the most awesome stories.

Especially when they are doing beer and shots with their “Brothers”.

That is when you find out a number of fascinating facts.

Here is the top 3 that I can remember to this day:

1. The German’s were not all that tough. The Japanese, on the other hand, they were tough.

2. Whiskey is a Goddam man’s drink. (Direct quote from a holder of the Navy Cross Medal, so he would know.

3. What the hell is wrong with kid’s today. (No idea exactly who they were talking about, but that was a pretty general comment from everyone over the age of 75)

And when these old dudes find out that a new member served in the Military, they practically shit themselves in the rush to buy drinks.

(Actually, my cousin served in the patriotic fashion, I ended up with a medical discharge at the end of Basic Training. Long story.)

In all, I think all men should join these groups at one point of another in their life.

Aside from learning to drink in the company of old school MEN, it helps you formulate the idea of there being more to life than just yourself.

That is something sadly missing.

Just an opinion.

Moving on.

Having a day off is nice no matter what your view of the holiday.

I always wondered about those people who tried to vote against MLK Day a few years back.

How screwed is your issues when a day off is not a good idea?

Sorry, being paid for not working is fine by me no matter the circumstance.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am kind of a money whore.

Plus getting to sleep in is a different type of payday.

I just asked the possibly homeless guy sitting across from me at the huge wooden table at the Redondo Starbucks if sleeping in and getting paid for it on a holiday is a good thing.


Well said, sir.


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2 responses to “A day off is a day off.

  1. Diane McKinley aka MOM

    September 3, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    Grampa Allan would be so proud of you and this blog.

    • Bittermac

      September 10, 2013 at 9:20 pm

      Not sure how you got there, but thank you.


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