The Panty Move.

30 Aug

The panty move is always impressive, to say the least.

A panty move is one where a guy (Or girl), throws out a line so smooth, you just KNOW panties (Underwear) and the naked sweaty is happening at some point.

The stunningly hot Japanese woman from the a previous post must have started working in the area, because she has become a regular.

Talk about your eye candy.

And whatever she does for a living, it requires that she dress to the fucking hot nines every morning.

There is a guy that is a regular in Starbucks, lets call him Brandt (Just the right mix of money and youth.)

And I don’t know what he does for a living, but he makes ungodly bank and it has left him cultured and well spoken.

In other words, major player.

And he happened to be sitting next to me when Ms. Japanese sex bomb got her coffee.

As she turns to go, he catches her eye and gestures at her shoes.

“Are those Cesaere-Paciotti’s?”

And her face lit up with somewhere in the vicinity of about a million lumen’s.


Going for the shoes does several things.

It shows her that he is cultured enough to know women’s shoes.

It compliments her taste and the fact that she can wear such gorgeous shoes.

It also shows her that he is familiar with incredibly expensive shoes, probably from buying them for women.

All of these are panty move worthy, but together, they are the “one two punch” of set ups

A panty move of many layers and levels.


Without being asked, she sits and they begin the dance.

Its as old as time.

By the time I left, she was sitting next to him and they had all but consummated the relationship right there on the table.

It would be worth seeing.

And you wouldn’t even be able to call it public sex.

At this level of hotness, it goes beyond porn, its like art.

You uncultured ape.

Its kind of like natural selection.

The pretty people have been jockeying for coital position for centuries.

I could have that kind of panty move, but it would involve me being about a foot taller and being in a higher tax bracket.

Make that 2 or 3 higher tax brackets.

But, to get back to the real world, that will never happen.

The reality of it is, other than being a solid masturbatory fantasy, the Japanese hotness is rarely available to the common man.

Its just the way of the world.

I get that. I don’t like it, I hope they give each other diseases and their genitals fall off, but I get it.

I wrote the line just before this one a full day ago and just re-read it.

I wish I could say that I have rethought such juvenile pettiness and wish them well.

Nope, I am sticking with the genital leprosy and would like to add a wish for general bad luck.

Bitter much?


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