I do hold you in contempt.

26 Aug

Court is in session, the honorable (Maybe) Bittermac is presiding.

You may be seated.

This is the court of Bittermac.

Real courts are run by laws and rules.

This one is ruled by sarcasm and whatever I feel is funny.

Sometimes, everyone else agrees with the funny and sometimes I go it alone.

A prophet is never revered in his own land.

I get that.

Courts are also interested in Justice.

I view Justice the same way I view Karma, they both rarely pull their weight like we want them to.

Justice in its mercy, is not vengeful.

Not me, I prefer Old Testament Justice.

Kinda going in the other direction.

I bet you are wondering whats up my ass today.

Excellent question.

I am judgmental.

I have that on good authority that judging others is one of my issues.

This was told me in a judgmental email from someone who states “I never read your blog, but-”.


I swear, if we took a show of hands, more people read this piece of shit that hate it than like it.

I have gone back and forth with this woman thru several emails, and I have actually been nice thru most of them.

Except for the one reply that was just the C-word, all in caps, underlined, bolded and using a larger font. (Its so easy to take that out of context.)

The fact that she was judging me in her email was an irony that, even when pointed out to her, was ignored.

I view any interaction with people in connection to what is written here to be the same thing as the “Cutting heads” scene from “Crossroads” starring Ralph Macchio. (Actually a killer film)

If you’ve never seen it, the film is about a young guitar virtuoso (Ralph), who finds an old blues man in a rest home and helps him bust out and go home to the deep south. The short version is, the blues guy sold his soul to the devil and wants to get it back. The devil shows up and says that he will let Ralph play a guitar battle for both their souls. Ralph doesn’t believe it and agrees. Shit gets real after that. Turns out the devil is real and they are in the shit. The duel for their souls is called “Cutting heads”.

So that is how I view this.

You come into my yard and throw the email or comment gauntlet down, its on. I win? I get your soul.

You win? I don’t know what you get, you don’t have a blog to crow about it in.

While that might not seem fair, please keep in mind that I have never seen any reason to fight fair.

If I can hit you from behind, in the balls, while biting you and pulling your hair, its all fair.

My mother said so.

I was always smaller than everyone else, so the standing philosophy was that, whatever I had to do to hold my own, it was warranted.

(Let he who has never been suspended from school for stabbing someone with a no. 2 pencil cast the first stone.)

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