There’s hot and then there’s hot.

23 Aug

You have to appreciate the effort.

There is a Japanese woman in Starbucks that is stunning.

Dressed for the sexy impress and has the body to do it right.

She looks incredible.

But that is kind of a gimme, isn’t it?

But 6 inch stilettos at 7am is a bit much.

The girl behind her in line is just as hot, but on the other end of the spectrum.

She got up this morning, put on sweats, a tank top, ugg boots, took a quick pass at the mirror and headed out for a latte.

And she is smoking hot.

But, at 22 or so, isn’t she supposed to be?

2 people back in line is a much more subtle hotness, if I might continue my misogynistic rant.

Maybe early 40’s. Hair done nice, without being loud.

Dressed nicely, business casual.

The shoes have a two inch heel and the top of the skirt is above the knee, but not in a “Trying to still be 20” kind of way.

But the overall effect is one of classy, sensual and got her shit together.

Stunning, in some ways, the hottest woman in the building.

The blessing and the curse of Starbucks is that everyone comes and goes on a fairly quick basis, myself include.

This either works for you or against you.

The next woman who came thru the door got up, took that same quick pass at the mirror and threw on whatever to come get a latte.

And she is one of those that really needs to take the time.

There is a critical window of your life that you can doing nothing and still look hot.

And that time has passed for many of us.

There is also an awareness that some people have, that that time has passed.

And then again, some people are clueless.

Like this woman.

This is the same mentality that gets plastic surgery again and again on into her late 60’s, but her mind tells her that she is still looking like a 20-something.

I once heard a woman that was obviously in her late 60’s and was trying WAY too hard, with those nasty injected duck lips, proclaim that she had been out with her 20-something grand daughter and that they looked like twins.

You would have been proud of my reaction. I was straight faced, with no reaction.

The guy sitting behind them choked on his coffee and walked off ranting about delusional women.

And that one shining example of awkward situations is one of the main reasons that I write this blog.

People behaving badly.

Gotta love it.

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