Sick of waiting.

02 Aug

Being sick sucks balls as a general rule.

But when its one of your kids that has come down sick, someone just kicked those balls.

One of my kids is visiting from up North and spiked a fever, sore throat..etc.

Luckily, health insurance has always been a thing with me.

I was not wild about my companies benefits so I bought a seperate policy.

Now, being out of state when you get sick can show you all sorts of horrible shit about your health insurance.

Luckily, the only problem I had was finding out who was in network or not.

So here we are, at the Urgent Care Station.

Being in the waiting room of Urgent Care is different from the ER waiting room.

Less blood, more infection.

Its a lot like riding the bus, you spend a lot of time looking at strangers and wondering what is wrong with them.

The guy in the corner may have a broken arm, that is the easy one.

The shaking guy sitting by himself on the far side of the room is another story.

Its no accident that he is sitting by himself.

There are 20 people on my side of the room, and on his side? Just him.

Him possibly having the plague might be a good reason why.

Leprosy has not shown itself in these parts for a hell of a long time, I would hate to break that streak.

So it is a consious decision to sit next to the guy with the bloody eyeball.

Why is his eyeball bloody?

I like to employ more of a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell methodology to the waiting room.

I am not sure what makes a bloody eyeball less horrid than a shaking, sweaty guy in the corner, but it is what it is.

The wait to see a doctor in the Urgent Care is usually about 30-40 minutes.

However, when you are from out of town and the health care card was left in another state, and all you have to work off of is a picture of the card on your Iphone, it takes a little longer.

The most pleasant part of the entire unpleasant thing was the fact that the nurses and the doctor were good, fast, and did their jobs nice, fast and without hassle.

I love that.

I will put up with sloppy mistakes for me but when my kids are involved, all bets are off.

(Ask my ex about the time I threatened to throw the nurse and an orderly out the window. Good times)

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