Your ignorance is stronger than my kung fu.

12 Jul

A 500 pound man has no business wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with “No fat chicks.”

At that weight, unless he has millions to burn, does he really think that Pam Anderson is waiting in the wings for “Some of that?”

I think as a people we have serious gone down a weird path.

Very precise definitions of beauty or “What’s hot” seem to dominate the airwaves.

Effeminate gay men from Milan tell the rest of the heterosexual world what they should find attractive.

Hugh Hefner has always had the right eye for the hotness.

But the question making its way thru my head right now is “What the hell is a 500 pound man doing in downtown Manhattan Beach?”

I mean, this town is ESPECIALLY obsessed with looking good.

Everyone is doing yoga, paddleboarding, or something new involving your “Core”.

I am still shocked my fat ass is not stopped at the border.

Its like a society based on the superficial side of things.

Southern California style Logan’s Run, just to go old school for a moment.

I loved that film.

The special effects, acting and even the premise sucked, but it was about as good as sci fi got in the early 70’s, so you take what you could get.

Plus, a scantily clad Farrah Fawcett was in it, nuff said.

That woman was the masturbatory fantasy of a generation.

Any man that denies feverishly rubbing one out to her at one point or another is a liar.

Which brings us to Charlie’s Angels.

Good lord.

I am lucky I didn’t rip it out at the root because of that show.

Just saying.

But enough about me.

There are two issues here, the first is the kind of man that would buy a shirt that says “No fat chicks” in a 5XL and a company that would make a shirt that says “No fat chicks” in a 5XL.

Both are offensive, but for slightly different reasons.

The guy has set a low bar for himself and a several hundred pound higher bar for women.

There is a reality check that is way overdue here on both sides.

First he needs to talk to the man in the mirror.

Find a really wide mirror though.

And the company that made that shirt needs to get it thru their head that, yes you sold a 5XL shirt, good for you.

However, and this is the hard part, more money is to be made selling to the under 5XL crowd.

How do I know this?

Because, the 5XL people don’t live that long and are not really that fashion conscious.

The standard S-M-L crowd are the ones that pay top dollar for yoga, paddleboarding and anything to do with their “Core”.

Also, anything that will make this spoiled, overly monied crowd feel like they are not spoiled and overly monied will sell well.

Something with a silly Occupy slogan on it will sell out quickly in these parts.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down here?

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