Crowded yoga pants.

05 Jul

Starbucks is packed to the gills this morning, what the hell?

You would think the day after a major holiday everyone would be on vacation.

And maybe they are.

Perhaps I am lucky enough to live in the place that people want to be.


However, it still makes for long lines and a delay in getting my java fix, so I am against it.

Its a change from my usual.

I fear change like the villagers down the road from Frankenstein’s castle.

Never leads to good things.

My annoyance level is cranked up a notch by the fact that I got up early to go to the gym for a 6am Jujitsu class.

Nothing like wrestling to wake you up in the morning.

But, this makes getting your coffee on time a critical thing.

I got in line back by the cathroom at the far back of the room.

Let me explain this.

The line starts at the cashier and heads toward the front door.

When the line gets too long, it U turns and heads back towards the back.

So to be back at to bathroom means I have a long shitty line ahead.

Being in a long line is a lot like being in jail, it does things to your mind.

At some point, Helsinki syndrome sets in and you find that you love the slow moving staff.

The lady in front of me has a little too much “Old Lady” perfume on, and perhaps a little BO.

Its not the usual crowd, to be sure.

I am getting glared at by a woman that has just made the turn at the front door and is heading to the cashier, positioned to stare right at me.

While there is an excellent chance I deserve it, there is also the chance that she is one of those types who just glares at people.

Who knows?

I quit asking long ago.

Part of my “Embracing the asshole within” philosophy.

Right behind her are 3 prime examples of why Pilates and yoga pants are a fine thing.

I honestly wish I found women younger than myself acceptable to date.

Its a tough one, if they are more than 14 years younger than me, I might have fathered them.

And the show is over at that point.

However, the cultural art piece that is a tight ass with yoga pants is truly worth the look, just to be a complete perv for a minute.

And the beautiful thing about young 20 somethings is that they are wonderfully unbothered by men looking.

One of the girls was texting, then suddenly took a look behind her, catching the guy in back of her totally leering at her ass.

She smiled and turned back around.

Its that whole “Yeah, I know, its mine.” type of mindset that makes her invulnerable for a period of time.

In a different way, all of us went thru a period like that at one point in our lives, that invulnerable stage.

And its a beautiful thing.

But then life, in its crueler moments, will sudden swoop in and end that moment with a definitive “You ain’t all that” move.

Called growing old.

Mores the pity.

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