Gay Marriage is killing the Amish.

28 Jun

Gay marriage is going to destroy us all.

Conversation overheard on my way to Starbucks.

Conversation from a seemingly 90 year old woman that I am NOT related to is rarely something that interests me.

I kind of hold everyone to the same standard as I do children.

If I am not related to them, they must be damaged and slow, and in many cases, sort of Fugly.

Pretty narrow minded, but I come from the good genes.

The woman walking with the 90-something crypt keeper looks as old as hell, but I can’t tell if she is a friend, daughter, sister or some sort of age experiment that went horribly wrong.

Anyway the ancient duo made several observations that I found amusing, not offensive, (Not sure I am capable of that) but somewhat ignorant.

Top 3 old lady statements:

1.  Gay people are just so loud about that whole “Gay” thing.

2.  Betty’s son is gay, and has an odd smell. (I laughed out loud and they turned to glare at me.)

3. Gay marriage will lead to animal marriage. (Just continued laughing at this point.)

They stopped in for coffee at the Coffee Bean, which is the local version of God’s waiting room.

There is something subtly disturbing about watching an Amish man, black suit and wide, flat brimmed hat, full beard and all, checking out the ass of a woman in yoga pants.

Not to say that her as isn’t hot, in all reality its downright sinful to look at, and I am not even Amish.

But I can only imagine the hellfire and brimstone sermon brewing in this guys head.

But what the hell is he and the missus doing in a Starbucks in Downtown Manhattan?

They seem more than a little out of place.

And yet, why not?

But the local property values seem to be a trifle pricey for an Amish couple looking for some bottom land.

What the hell is bottom land anyway?

It sounds vaguely dirty, but then, most things sounds dirty to me, not sure why.

It is entirely possible that the concept of gay marriage is just too much for those with a tightly wired mindset.

All it takes to push some folks over the edge to a life on Xanax is just one more thing their mind cannot wrap its cerebral fingers around.

Flexibility seems to be the key these days.

I rarely talk about my political beliefs, other than my disatisfaction with the current administration.

But someone asked me how I felt about the whole thing.

Fine, here you go.

I think the whole concept of the government being involved with your family needs a rework.

Religiously, I am iffy on it.

Politically, I believe your rights trump anything the government says.

The government should be a clerk of sorts, writing down what we the people tell it we are doing with our personal family/business arrangements.

There, said my piece.

Lets move on.

I was also asked what sort of cool things might happen because of the gay marriage rulings.

There is some buzz in the media right now about what hot lady singers/actresses might come out and get married now.

And that could be really cool in a strictly pervy sort of way.

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