Some men call her bitch.

31 May

It’s a sunshine day!

Several things annoy me about the line above.

The two biggest reasons it bugs me is number one, the Brady Kids sang it and number two, its stuck in my head.

I hate that fucking song.

I hated it when I heard it the first time when I was about 8 years old the first time it came on.

It embodies everything that is evil and dark about music, pop culture and television.

That being said, Marsha Brady was the poor man’s Pamela Anderson back when.

The sexuality was a little more subtle.

The show sucked as a general rule and the writing was the literary equivalent of a pity fuck.

Before I go on a rant, lets reign things in and focus.

I had someone in the past ask me if I could clean up the blog, because when I like it, it sometimes shows up on their Facebook wall and their mother or some small child might read my blog and be offended.

It never even occurred to her that it has ALWAYS been my goal to offend her mother.

Not specifically her, but anyone like her.

Anyone who can raise a mentally challenged girl child and instill her with the morals of a rampant whore and the logic of a retarded Alzheimer’s patient.

I knew this girl back in the days where her nickname was “Partyfavor” and she worked HARD to earn that nickname.

But what happened to her since then?

God only knows.

What was once only damaged is now twisted beyond all belief.

2 divorces and the only comment I ever heard the woman say about her ex’s was “I married well, they were real dumb and super rich.”


I have spent 5 minutes trying to rewrite a sentence so it did not contain the “C” word and have found that its beyond me so I erased it.

Anyway, I had not heard from this low-brow harridan in months, when I received a message from her this morning.

Her writing is as poor as her life choices, but essentially, she asked if I could make the blog “Child friendly”.


It seems that since she and I are FB friends, if I “Like” something, it sometimes shows up on her newsfeed.

And this is where her mother and small children might follow the link to my website and find out about quacker shits, vile people, and YES, profanity.

First off, what the hell is a small child doing roaming the internet unattended?

For God’s sake, there are sexual predators out there!

And her mother has to be retarded, that is the only thing I have to assume.

So we have unattended Pedo-bait and the retarded breeder that spawned this miserable bitch.

I am still trying to figure out how any of this is my problem.

So, when in doubt, go with what has worked in the past.

Bite me.

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