Try remembering.

28 May

Memorial day.
A day of remembrance.
Remembering people who’s life or death provided the freedom we all enjoy, however you view it.
Thats all, I refuse to fuck with or make fun of this.

On other fronts, today is also one of the bigger BBQ days of the year.

Good times to be a carnivore.

I made that comment on Facebook, and had one of those “vegetarian types” that I know say that its also a good day to be a herbivore.

It isn’t, but thats not my job to point out.

Vegetarians have a huge inner conflict because, deep in there heart of hearts, they feel wrong.

The last vegetarian that ever said something like that to me had tears in her eyes not an hour later as she shared a rack of ribs with me.

One report states that 98% of all vegetarians secretly eat meat on a semi regular basis.

But that is not the funny/sad part.

The report further states that only 15% are willing to admit they cheat.

That is a whole lot of denial going on.

Very Sad.

Me? I am an unapologetic carnivore.

I do eat vegetables as a side dish, but never as the main dish.

This is not a superiority thing, its a more in line with nature thing.

Back to the BBQ.

Pork is one of the finer inventions of the Almighty.

Eating baby back ribs is one of the most primal and delicious experiences in life.

Give me a beer, some ribs, cool tunes and the right company and we have a preview of heaven in the afterlife, should I ever clean up my act enough to get there.

A large family BBQ today is exactly what I needed.

For a brief moment, all the tensions of life flow away in the noisy chaos.

Not for everyone, just some of us.

On a side note, I haven’t been reminded about how short I am in quite awhile.

But, today is evidently the day for reminders.

I have a nephew that is 16 and well over 6 foot.

Didn’t come from my side of the family, there isn’t one of us over 5’8, definitely comes from mom’s side.

Anyway, the big kid is a football player, did you see that coming?

So it follows that all of his friends are football players as well.

Not a one under 6 foot.

Including the cook of this sumptuous feast, 6’5 and has a touch with ribs.


There has yet to be a fist fight at one of our family BBQ’s over the years.

The rare shouting match, yes, amateur “Fight Club”, no.

Which is the most bizarre thing.

I am of the personal opinion that a loud, aggressive, “In your face” way of dealing with issues defuses situations before they can build up to dangerous levels.

I call it the “Irish Family Therapy” method.

Its more than a little dysfunctional, but it works, pretty well actually.

More than a few people would disagree.

But they still refuse to spend Christmas with certain members of their family.

I say invite the whole family and put your game face on.

Cause it could get ugly.

Happy Memorial Day.
And Thank You.

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One response to “Try remembering.

  1. Diane McKinley aka MOM

    May 28, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    I did enjoy todays blog, well done Will.


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