The arrogance of fat babies.

10 May

In a well to do neighborhood, it is an odd thing to see a fat baby.

All babies have a little chub to them, it’s necessary.

But to see a baby with a little chub, then a little more, and then a lot more, is a little un-nerving.

And the weird part is that mom seems to be one of those well monied yoga fraus that Manhattan Beach seems to produce like a cash crop.

And these girls have nothing to do but stay in shape, they sure as HELL are not working for a living.

They are decorative and utterly useless.

And one of them has a fat baby.

That sounds like the sinister plot to some novel.

Sure to be on the Oprah Book Club list.

Its only a matter of time before this poor kid is shipped off to some sort of Fat camp for well monied offspring.

Lest he embarrass mommy.

And we cannot have that.

I don’t have a lot of respect for the MMF’s. (ManHattan Money Frau’s)

It has a lot to do with how little time they seem to have to care for their kids.

The focus is never on their kids.

Its on texting, yoga, shopping, just about anything other than what it is supposed to be.

I come from traditional people.

When you have a kid, the expectation is that you will actually be involved with raising him.

Call me silly and old fashioned.

And God forbid you comment negatively about their attention starved offspring.

I once commented to a heavily texting woman who’s out of control child snatched a newspaper out of someone’s hands and knocked over their coffee.

“You’re kid is a little out of control.”

I said this quietly, so no one else would hear, and my tone and facial expression were pitched to be compassionate and understanding.

And all I got was a “Really?”

And her tone and facial expression were pitched to say “Fuck you”.

So I didn’t even feel bad when her kid ran into her at full speed, taking her out like a bowling pin.

She was engrossed in texting and never saw it coming.

It was beautiful.

I am never an advocate of personal injury on anyone.

But this bitch was due.

Back to the fat baby.

Children tend to grow into the people that their environment molds them into.

And if their parents are useless tards, they usually end up the same way.

Its an ugly cycle of entitlement and arrogance that is like a living perpetual engine that runs forever.

Consuming a lot of resources and not really producing anything of value.

Not a lot of actual artists emerge from these surroundings.

But they are convinced they are producing more than anyone else.

Sad thing to see.

And as for the kid? The die is cast and he is screwed.

He’s a cute kid, a little fat though.

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