Sailing ships and sealing wax.

03 May

Common courtesy is dead in this country.

Perfect example, I was walking past three homeless guys in Hollywood.

The homeless prefer to travel in packs in Hollywood and you rarely see one conscious and alone.

Anyway, one has a cup out and a sign.

And the sign isn’t even funny, which is actually kind of refreshing.

“Just need money, please help.”

Odd the things that can get to you in a weak moment.

I have a pretty callous, thick skin when it comes to the homeless and I NEVER give money.

I don’t pay for other peoples drugs, just a personal thing.

But, I drop a buck in the cup, very out of character for me.

And the next action shocks me a bit, and I kind of like to think I have seen it all.

The homeless guy with the cup reaches in and takes the dollar out.

And his buddy snatches it right out of his hand.


And the fight is on.

Now threats, no yelling, not even the ritual “Do you know who you fuckin with?”

Just your basic fight for survival on the street.

If Marlin Perkins were alive, we would be filming this. (Google “Wild Kingdom”)

And the third guy just sits there, doing nothing as his friends wrestle on the sidewalk.

And why should he do anything? Its not his fight.

Pick your battles is solid advice no matter what your station in life.

I try not to hang out once other peoples shit gets too real, call it an odd quirk.

Which is weird since I am a social voyeur the rest of the time.

Besides, a cop pulled up not a minute later so playtime was over.

I stopped by the Starbucks to get some coffee before I head to my event.

Starbucks in Hollywood always has an awesomely weird vibe.

Just this side of an out of control homeless shelter, but the coffee is just as good.

So it is closer to the crack house that I always joke about Starbucks being.

For starters, there is a homeless guy sitting near the cream and sugar kiosk.

As I walk by, the wind shifts and the BO is overwhelming for a second.

And then I get a solid whiff of brewing coffee.

And that is always a rejuvenating moment.

I am much better now.

As I stand in line, I can see another line at the back of the room.

For the bathroom.

Rest rooms are an odd form of commodity on Hollywood boulevard.

Every establishment has the same sign.

Restroom for customers only.

And even if you buy something, its not a guarantee that you will get to take a shit.

I have had a Korean burger place manager argue that I didn’t buy enough.

Talk about a tough character.

Treating me poorly is one thing, but treating me poorly with a thick Korean accent is quite another thing.

However, you put up with it, mainly because a Korean BBQ cheeseburger is insanely tasty.

And I will forgive anything for a killer cheeseburger.

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