Richie Valens was NOT talking about her.

29 Apr

Oh, Donna. Oh, Donna.

Richie Valens was the shit for a period of time. Maybe not Buddy Holly type shit, but shit none the less.

One of his biggest hits was La Bamba, and another one called Oh Donna.

He was not talking about the following Donna.

There is a time and a place for all things.

This has been paraphrased over and over in both song and poem over the years.

In the middle of my favorite breakfast spot is the wrong place to open up a can of white trash family laundry.

But here we are.

Lets play Twilight Zone.

Picture a man caught in a night. A place of sights and sounds so vile to the human eye that the mind rejects what it sees. A place that knows nothing of right or wrong, only off embarrassment.

He is in, the “White Trash in the Next booth” Zone.

Lets call him Roy.

Why? Cause Johnny Cash is dead and I see no reason to besmirch his memory by naming the white trash guy after him.

Anyway, Roy is sitting with Donna.

And Donna is a WHOLE lotta woman.

No kidding.

Pound for pound the heaviest Donna I have ever seen.

I am not making up her name, by the way.

How do I know that her name is Donna?

Because Roy’s method of trying to get a word in edge-wise is to say the name “Donna” over and over and over.

Like a little kid saying mommy.

And there is more to that comparison than just that.

Donna has been chastising Roy since I got here.

My pancakes are done, and I do not eat fast, but she has not let up yet.

Roy is almost painfully thin, while Donna has to be tipping the scales at over 400.

Thats a big bitch.

Not in that “All women are bitches” way that hip hop seems to promote, but in that, “She’s a rotten bitch” kind of way.

I don’t know Roy, he could be a really bad guy for all I know.

But she should just shoot him if he is all that bad and get it over with.

And what the hell is Roy’s problem?

Why would anyone put up with this little honey’s shit for 2 seconds longer than absolutely necessary?

However, the heart wants what it wants.

Or enlarged cholesterol soaked heart of Donna, in this case.

The heart should lay off fried foods for two seconds.

The interesting part of this is that the pancakes were awesome but the rude trailer folk in the next booth didn’t ruin it.

Dinner and a show. (Breakfast)

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