Rick Rolled at the Ren Faire.

22 Apr

Ah, the Ren Faire, loads of fun.

And the fun starts with 10 dollar parking.

Its a cute outing, right up until you run into someone who takes the whole thing too damn serious.

The outfit alone must have cost $500 or more.

I believe that the look desired was a cross between Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook.

He pulled it off, too, studio costuming could not have done better.

And he has the speech down.

I followed him for 5 minutes and he was flawless, the accent, the swagger, the whole shebang.

Right up until his wife called.

Just as he hit this nice level section of road and really hit his spot on runway walk, the elegant strains of Rick Astley’s one hit wonder song, “Never gonna give you up” began playing.

Thats right, he got Rick rolled at the Ren Faire.

And the man fell apart.

He went into what looked like a convulsion, and then I realized that he was trying to dig out his cell phone.

It was pretty pathetic, and it only got better from there.

When he finally got his Iphone on, he hissed into the phone with a voice that was definitely not a pirate.

“What?!?! I told you I was not going to be available till noon!”

What followed was about 5 minutes of absolutely effeminate hissy fit whispering, followed up by a serious old school snit.

It was pathetic.

In terms of the picture being created today, this was the frame that surrounded it and gave it structure.

Slightly old school gay, and I mean that with as much tolerant sarcasm as possible.

And yet, one of the things I love about the faire is the Olde Time feel when its forced into the modern world.

And its funny when the two really collide, especially in an embarrassing way.

We’ve met right?

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