Escape from LA.

14 Feb

PART 2 of 2

Moving on, there is much to do and much to see in the fabled Fashion District of downtown LA beforewe hit the long road home.

Downtown is always a bit of a mental mind screw for the first half hour or so.

Then the pressure equalizes and all is well.

This is one of those sections of town that has never really been much of anything, it serves a purpose, just not a big one.

However, if your goal is to secure a big ass bolt of cheap cloth, you came to the right place.

It is a section of town that is a lot like the devil’s aroma therapy spa.

You never know when something will hit you that you were not expecting.

Urine is a bit of a goto, more of a default smell.

Urine, cologne, urine, cigarettes, urine, street hot dogs, urine.

And nothing stirs the appetite like the aroma of a street hot dog, heavy on the urine.

The whole combination of odifferous evil has the strangest effect on me.

It makes me have to use the bathroom.

Creating a downtown duece situation.

And of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you realize that you have to use the bathroom, is how soon?

So I gave it some thought.

I finally came to the conclusion that I had roughly 45 minutes until the crap in the on-deck circle becomes problematic.

The bolt of cheap cloth was located, paid for and carted about a half block away before I stopped.

While it was 60lbs of shiny white cloth with bright red lips on it, it was not the weight that made me stop.

It was time to get paid.

A street hot dog, wrapped in bacon, and piled with this pico de gallo crap top heavy with avacado.

It is pure heaven to taste and time bomb of what is known on the streets as “quacker shits” on a bun.

And then we are on the road back to the car.

The meth windigo is missing, no doubt explaining himself in a confused manner down at the station.

I would give anything to be there as the Asian girls pick him out of a lineup.

The bolt of cheap cloth loaded, my stomach making WTF? Sounds, and the car purring, we left down town.

The road trip is a short exciting one, but then so is falling off a cliff.

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