The homeless muses.

05 Feb

If you are inclined to write complaining emails whenever you read a blog that could be considered sarcastic or cruel, please go to a different website and read about puppies and kitties.

I have written a lot about the homeless in this blog.

That does get my ass chewed on a regular basis, but it has its perks.

The biggest perk is part of my personality issues.

In short, I love annoying people.

So, with that in mind, here is todays offering.

If you want to see the best in any given endeavour, go to where the best hang out.

And when it comes ot the homeless?

That would be Hollywood.

Hollywood early on a Saturday morning is really a different place from the night.

While you think the homeless would be sleeping late or at least not be early risers, it turns out there is a whole bunch of activity that goes on in the wee early hours.

Driving into Hollywood, I saw the first offering of amusement.

Sitting on a bus bench on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, was the trio.

I like to think of them as my muses for the day.

On the far left was a black man who bobbed his head with every word that came out of his gritted teeth.

I am not sure what drug you can abuse to the point that this is what you do, but whatever it was, he has done a whole lot of it.

Next up is the woman on the far right.

Long stringy red hair, clad in booty shorts and a tank top in weather that is chilly for pants, shirt and hoodie.

And her thing is gesturing.

I have never seen someone wave their hands around that much in the minute I was at the stop light.

It looks exhausting.

In the middle was my favorite muse.

An old woman, Asian, hair cut short in the bob cut that seems to be standard issue in the Orient.

And she is a smoker.

How do I know this?

Because she is smoking.


I saw her finish one cigarette and light another while I was at the light.

So much smoke came out of her mouth that even after she exhaled, smoke was still coming out.

And the way she smokes was like watching someone about to throw away their cigarette as they enter a building?

They take two to three hits off of the butt before throwing it away.

This was really close to that.

It was an odd thing to see.

And then the light changed and my period of observation ended.

One of the better things that happens on a Saturday in Hollywood is that there is parking available that doesn’t cost you anything.

It seems so strange to find something for free in a section of town dedicated to the premise of “Everything has a price.”

And, Like most mornings, my day starts a certain way, especially if I am going to have to focus and not get a lack of caffeine headache.

Time for some coffee.

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