Good morning, we’re perfect

24 Jan

Time for a retro quote.

My teeth itch.

That is my phrase for extreme irritation, like a piece of mental grit that gets in there like an oyster and will eventually become a pearl.

Let me set the scene.

They are about 40.

But a well kept, healthclub/pilates 40.

They are dressed in sweats and hoodies, but practically new ones and not cheap ones at that.

The teeth are expensive and just a shade too bright, the kind of teeth you expect to glow in the dark.

She is not beautiful, but she does exude that well monied, Euro plain-ness that comes across as hot.

I have seen this couple in here several times and even sat with them at the big table when there was nothing else available.

I have listened to their conversations not once, not twice, but several times.

And it is always about the same thing.

Shit they own.

The first time I saw them, they were giggling like school kids, talking about the Mercedes they were picking up later that day.

2 brand new S-class, matching cars like bookends.

That  alone is enough to hate them.

(I have a long standing issue with Mercedes. Possibly the finest cars on the planet, but I can’t quit calling them Euro-trash. There is a story there.)

The second time I ran into them, they were discussing putting the house on the market.

His comment? “You would think that on the Strand in Manhattan Beach would be worth more than 6.9.”

It finally hit me that he meant millions.

And that is not the most shocking statement of that whole discussion.

In the end, they came to the conclusion that they should hang onto the Strand house, and just buy another one.

Then they can sell the Strand house once the economy recovers.

But, and this is the main reason I hate them.

They are dumb.

I don’t hate them for being the elitist shitheads they are, I merely find that really annoying.

I hate the ignorance in the following discussion.

They were talking about the coming inauguration, when Mr. Elitist Shithead gave this opinion.

“I am still reeling from the whole tax hike on high end incomes. I mean, I voted for him twice and them he springs this shit on me? What the hell?”

Where do I start?

I do my best not to go political here, fail at it on occasion, but I have made some effort.

But the “Springs this shit on me?” comment forced my hand.

First of all, the POTUS didn’t “Spring” anything on you here, dumbass, this was mentioned in his first campaign.

Remember Joe the plumber?

That was all about this.

Over the course of the next half hour, I listened to these two talk about their disappointment with the POTUS and how
he has somewhat recently decided to do all of this unpleasant stuff.

And none of the things they mentioned was anything that was not announced during the first election campaign.

Regardless of what party you belong to, you have a tendency to look down on people from the other side?

But these people really are worthy of the “Ignorant” title.

Winner winner, chicken dinner. (I still love that phrase.)

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