Have you ever seen Evil in the rain?

04 Dec

Its raining, I am getting wet.

And I could care less.

Its morning and I am making my usual trudge to the Starbucks from the parking garage.

Usually, being rainy, I would be hot footing it down the street without delay.

Except for one thing.


Mrs. Evil Couple looks quite fetching today, despite it being a school day.

Gone is her ugly thick muscleman sweats and oversized t-shirt without a bra, and instead, a lovely form fitting grey sweatsuit/yoga pants combo.

Mr. Evil Couple is wearing his surgical pants and a hoodie.

And, huddling under the single umbrella between them, is here.

Momma Evil Couple.

Let me backtrack for a moment, some of you are probably not following this.

The Evil Couple are who I started this blog to warn the world about.

Recap – She is a fairly vile woman who thinks you are a moron and is SO sick of your shit.

She dresses normally in baggy thick man sweats and a way too large tshirt with no bra and a serious need for one. (Mother of twins. Nature provides.)

Unless she’s working. Then she dresses in high end business clothes and is one of the more stunning women I have ever seen.

And the reason I hold her in such awe is that I have never seen anyone treat everyone, including her husband with such vile disdain without SOMEONE getting shot.

He is a local doctor, always in surgical scrubs.

He seems kind, caring, compassionate and seems to put up with WAY too much shit from her.

And, occasionally, he will whirl around and shit on her is a fairly humiliating way.

They have been an obsession of mine for a long time.

The Evil Couple.

I have always viewed Mrs. Evil as consistently the worst of the two, and I often wondered what happened, what process went into the creation of such of person.

And then Momma Evil came into town like the villain in an old wild west town, the kind that was on the wanted posters.

And now I know how she was made.

As they walk along in the rain, I notice an interesting thing.

The umbrella is positioned between over Momma Evil, leaving the Evil Couple themselves inadequately covered.

In other words, getting wet.

And Momma Evil is taking her time.

Three people, and two of them are impatient to get where they are going quickly, and one person who seems to not give a shit at all.

I love this.

Getting wet is a small price to pay.

Xmas comes early for some of us.

Tune in tomorrow for the end of this twisted and somewhat obsessive little soap opera.

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