Pull your goddam pants up!

03 Dec

“Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground, Lookin’ like a fool
With your pants on the Ground, With the gold in your mouth
Hat turned sideways, Pants hit the ground
Call yourself a cool cat, With your pants on the ground
Walkin’ downtown with your pants on the ground!

That little ditty is the product of a guy named Larry Platt.

He is an old black guy that auditioned for American Idol with his own song.

Evidently, they were not checking id’s that day.

And Larry has a little issue with young men’s pants.

And I agree with this crazy old man, much as it pains me.

He’s right.

I am pretty thankful my son is not into that.

My parents have always been against the idea of my ass hanging out of my pants.

They’re a little old fashioned that way.

Aren’t we all?

I happened to be on Hollywood Blvd to see a show when I happened to see a perfect example of how not to dress if you want to get ahead.

Or get money out of me.

I have a soft spot for the homeless, most of the time.

But, and this has been pointed out to me as being one of my issues, is that I view the homeless as the same type of living playthings that I view other people with.

Me? I think it should be noted that I treat the homeless no differently than I do anyone else.

Take this example.

The sign asking for money is an original one.

“Santa is a bitchass who didn’t give me a pony. Need money for a pony.”

It had two misspellings. (The homeless have no access to spellcheck. For the record, I misspelled the word “misspellings” before spellcheck caught it.)

The effect was campy and would have gotten a little money out of me except for two things.

First, I hate a bully.

This guys presentation was to allow someone to get close enough to try to read his sign, and then shout the contents of the sign at them.

Suffice to say, not a lot of money is going into his hands.

Total bully move.

And, since yelling at people tends to make them hotfoot it past him, he would stand up to finish shouting at them.

And his pants were hanging past his ass.

Either that, or he has an exceptionally low hanging taint.

And thats not pleasant.

So, to recap.

Pull your goddam pants up.

If you want to make money, don’t shout at people and be sure to pull your goddam pants up.

Even an intellectual wasteland like American Idol is against low hanging pants/taint.

If any of this is in any way unclear, take this thought with you.


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