The daily asshole affirmation.

15 Nov

Every little kid has a clue what he wants to be when he grows up, or she.

No matter how slack jawed the kid is, he will tell you without hesitation.

Even if its not possible. ( I once had a childhood friend who wanted to be Benjamin Franklin)

So why is it so hard for some people to get their karmic act together and at least move in any direction.

I am not bashing this as much as venting.

I am kind of in that place.

Without going into details. (Mainly because I can’t), I need a change.

The question is change what?

The obvious answers are there, but since when have I ever let anything go at “obvious”?

There are some pretty subtle little changes that can be done that have some pretty big impacts on life.

The gym is one.

I started working out at the UFC Gym a few months back, right at the end of a long term relationship.

I was just looking this over and saw that, for a humor blog, not so much the funny today.

I can get back to the funny later.

For those unfamiliar, the UFC gym is the Trademarked gym of the UFC, in essence, MMA cage fighting.

And their gym reflects that martial spirit.

Fun, entertaining and definitely holds my attention.

Which is good because I normally have the attention span of a hyper gnat with ADD.

I go there a lot because if I don’t, I spend entirely too much time in my own head.

And if you think my mind is vicious to others, you should see how ugly it gets when it turns on me.

“But how can your mind be vicious? Your blog is funny.”

Thanks, but it helps if you keep in mind that the first part of the blog name is bitter.

Lets try to keep up.

I am completely comfortable with the fact that I am a rotten little bully at times.

I have embraced the asshole within.

I think everyone would be better off if they just let that out every now and then and just went off on someone or something.

Kind of like letting the steam out of the pressure cooker.

Instead of letting it build up and explode.

Explode is not a good thing.

Neither is strategically letting off steam with an eye toward annoying others for your personal amusement, but hey, I’m working on it.

Think of it as a mental version of Survivor.

You hope that there is a strong enough alliance to keep things the way you want it.

Or you could just get voted off.

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