Total election coverage, done my way.

08 Nov

I try very hard not to go political here, and I think, in large part, I have accomplished that.

However, my continuing to screw with people on FB has not slacked off one bit.

I decided to conduct a study, based on shaky science  that I more or less made up, about peoples reactions to voting and elections.

I made the same comment )rephrased for emphasis in some cases), but in different settings, here is the top three results of each.

All of these posts were made on other peoples pages, mainly people I only had one to two mutual friends with.

“Biggest mistake in modern history” – Presidential race.

  • “You are a racist and an Angry White Guy.” (Angry yes, but not about this. Racist? I never mentioned race, they did.)
  • “HA HA and fuck you.” (A little petty and rude, but at least it expresses an honest opinion.)
  • No comment here, just the mention that I got several postings of false accounting of presidential spending. One even had the website tagline on the bottom. “” That is a phony new humor site. Everyone does lazy research these days.

“Big mistake, huge.” – California Prop 37 GMO labeling.

  • “Corporate cocksuckers paid for this shit.” (Could you be more specific? Corporate cocksuckers pay for a LOT of shit.)
  • “Now both the US and Barbados have no GMO labeling.” (Is that bad? Have you SEEN Barbados? Beautiful in season.)
  • “Fuck Coke!” (PARTY FOUL! I like coke.)

This next one was really an experiment in mental cruelty.

“Huge mistake, fraudulently written” – California Prop 35 Human Trafficking.

  • “Tears in my eyes, how can you say that?” (Technically, I didn’t, I typed it. And if reading anything on FB actually makes a sane grown up cry, seek help.)
  • “I am praying for you. Jesus loves you.” (This I know, because the bible tells me so.)
  • “I would beat you to death if you said that in front of me.” (And a brutal murder is better than Human Trafficking?)

And  for the finale, I posted the following on my own page:

“The biggest mistake in modern times has been made…..again. Sigh.”

The results were astounding. People came out of the woodwork to call names or agree with it.

Here are the top 3 negative:

  • “Drama Queen” (Mild, but the comment was made by a highly educated man that uses FB as kind of a catch all post place. “I had soup” “My ass hurts” “I am listening to Czech heavy metal” …etc. So the comment was fairly ironic.
  • “What? I had pasta. Is that so wrong? He he he.” (This one made no sense, but it sounds fairly arrogant. That and it was made by more or less family, so I am sure its a smack.)
  • Not going into details but had someone I have know since about kindergarten tell me I’m whiny, nothing is his candidates fault, and that a teacher that assaulted me in school didn’t hit me hard enough. (In all fairness, he did mean it to be funny. The kind of twisted dark humor old friends get and everyone else shakes their head at. DICK)

Here are the top 3 positive:

  • “I agree.” (Simple and to the point. Something sadly missing on all sides this election year.)
  • “Falling….upon….sword…..uhhhhhhh….” (Dramatic and amusing. I will let it stand.
  • “May the next 4 years go by quickly…..please” (Ah, the hunker down and wait for daylight method. Used by more people than you think.)

The research proved nothing beyond the point that everyone is convinced they are right, a majority of people start with obscene and threatening and that I am more than a little bit of an ass.

Regardless of who won what, new taxes, regulations, or even human trafficking, in the end, the sun is coming up in the East tomorrow.

So pull your head out of the hole in the ground or out of your ass and get out there.

Life is for living.

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