Take your crack pipe and go back to New York.

29 Oct

Halloween is always on a cold, drafty night at the end of October.

Except if its Halloween in Southern California.

It was low 80’s today, blue skys, and the beach looks awesome.

I saw on the news that the East Coast is bracing for a terrible storm.

Sucks to be you, just saying.

You can argue how awesome NY is compared to Southern California all you like, but that sort of thing never happens here.

New York’s biggest issue is envy.

Heres what I mean.

If you talk to 10 separate New Yorkers and tell them you are from California, half of them will launched into a wholly unasked for list of why they feel New York is better.

Try the same thing with Californians.

Tell 10 people from Los Angeles you are from New York and all of them will say more or less the same thing.


Back to the beach.

There is some sort of event going on in Hermosa Beach today involving an organized walk from the Manhattan pier to the Hermosa pier and back.

Not sure what its about, does it really matter?

It is Breast Cancer Awareness month, maybe its for that.

I didn’t sign up, but I am wishing I did.

The shirt rocks.

Its all about the shirt for me.

And when I saw that everyone participating got a little medal, I about shit myself.

I love medals.

At least the kind you get for silly stuff like 5K’s.

The other kind usually involve dying while doing something heroic, thanks but no.

I have the utmost respect, but I figured out a long time ago, that is not my place in all of this.

Nobody was ever awarded a medal for a 5K posthumously. (After you’re dead.)

Despite the fact that running a 5K in beach sand can make you want to die. (I hate running.)

There are two types of people that do these events.

Well, three, but let me get to the first two.

The first is the serious competitor.

This guy is a runner, but a 2nd tier runner.

What that means is he’s not ready to do a marathon, but he is serious about his shit.

The Nike’s are new and expensive.

The heart monitor on his wrist is taking pulse, BP, and God knows what else and uploading it to a website real time.

He not just hardcore, he’s expensive hardcore.

And here is why he will never run a marathon.

Because there is some penniless exchange student from Kenya that will kick his ass and spit him out in a marathon and he knows it, expensive shit or not.

So he will always be the slightly big fish with all the expensive shit in the small pond.

But he does get the medal.

Damn him.

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