It sucked then, it sucks now.

24 Oct

Adam West was and is a creepy dude.

There was never a more compelling reason to accuse Batman of being gay than Adam West.

I mean, the whole premise is a little suspect to start.

Rich batchelor, lives alone, has a young man living with him, not a relative, and they run around in tights, dealing with all sorts of capers.

There was a Digital Short on Saturday Night Live called the Ambiguously Gay Heroes based on this whole premise.

It was funny as hell and more than a touch creepy.

But the Batman show in 60’s was what was known as “Campy” and “Tongue in cheek”.

And then you add Adam West.

If you were ever to watch a kiddie porn film, Adam West’s voice is the announcer for that film, and that includes creepy way you feel listening to him speak.

All of this came about because of that new TV channel I have mentioned before.

They show non-stop old shows.

And thats awesome when it all my favorite shows.

MASH? I can watch forever. Andy Griffith? Done deal. Dick Van Dyke? You had me at hello.

Batman? Hmmmmmmm. Really?

Its the type of show that defies any sort of logic or common sense.

And Burt Ward didn’t help.

He played Robin in the old series.

He was so peppy and exuberant and just plain ol dumb as a stick, you almost felt sorry for him.

But only to a point.

You got the feeling that he could have shown up at the rehearsal for that weeks show and found out that Batman was going to strip Robin naked, tie him up with duck tape, and then be tortured with a cattle prod for a half hour.

And I would bet you he would be okie dokie fine with it.

Ok, things have gotten a little creepy here.

I have a point to todays blog, so lets get to it.

The Batman show got hideous ratings for its entire fun in the 60’s, not even one good year.

So why show it now?

Mash on the other hand, in addition to being my favorite show of all time, was number one in its time slot for most of its run.

That is what we call TV gold.

So why is Batman on more often than MASH?

Like anything that makes no sense, I assume there is a conspiracy going on.

I have a theory.

Adam West has naked photos of the program scheduler for cable TV, that is really the only explanation I can think of.

Although Burgess Meredith as the Penguin was a stunning casting move.

One of the only bits I liked from my failed stand up career was an imitation of the Penguin working at a gay phone sex line.

Which explains a lot of why I don’t do that anymore.

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