Pay no attention to the former VP behind the curtain.

11 Oct

When I was a little kid, there was an anti pollution commercial that was pretty powerful.

I mean, I can remember it clear as day and its been probably 35 years since I last saw it, so what does that tell you?

It showed a car driving down the highway, and as the car makes its way around a corner, the passenger throws a wadded up fast food bag out the window.

The bag rolls to a stop at the feet of an indian, standing at the side of the road.

Rapt focus to the indian’s face, slowly turning towards the camera.

And a single glistening tear makes its way down his face.

Iron eyes Cody was the pioneering shit when it came to early environmental awareness commercials.

You could not make that commercial today without someone screaming racism.

And Iron eyes Cody would not be available now a days for the commercial.

He would be head pit boss at the Morongo Indian Casino Resort and Spa.

Thats where the real money is.

And I couldn’t blame him, if you’ve never been there, the place is awesome.

So, if it came down to making a choice, and the first was spending your Saturday sweating at the side of the road picking up trash and bettering the environment. (And you would be the only one NOT on community service.)

And the only other choice was hanging out waist deep at the pool bar at Morongo listening to some ditzy actress from Reseda tell you all about her career and sipping margaritas.

Which would you choose?

Don’t answer that, I am just making a point, and since you didn’t say the obvious answer out loud, you don’t have to feel bad.

(However, the pool bar rocks, the actress isn’t that boring, and the bikini is SCANDALOUS!)

Just saying.

And yet, with my piss poor attitude about the environment, you might be tempted to think that I don’t care.


I used to actually do something about the environment.

As opposed to going to an Earth Day festival in a park where they have to clean up more than a ton of garbage the day after. (Earth Day might be the Second biggest over hyped joke out there.)

Nope, I used to project manage the people who cleaned up environmental issues.

If this is news to you, and you are wondering why you have never heard me mention this in the blog before, its because Asbestos and Lead Paint are pretty limited as far as funny subjects go.

For about a decade, I did the same thing Al Gore did, I made money off of the environment.

However, in my defense, I actually did stuff that helped people, big Al hyped a movie based on pseudo science generated billions in dollars to environmental companies.

Have I mentioned that big Al had MAJOR holdings in these companies?

Of course you haven’t, the media is sure not going to tell you, I think its against their rules or something.

In truth, most of the actual work in the environmental movement is done by rank and file workers who do it for a living.

Like anything, its a business.

And thats ok, because contrary to what we hear the politicians say-

Making money is OK.



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