If its dead, let it go.

08 Oct

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.

That is from a silly hippy song I heard on the radio.

I always wonder if there is some sort of hidden meaning there.

Who knows? Either way, its supposed to rain this week.

Rain is awesome to drive thru, provided you have a functioning car.

Do you remember the Ford Contour I’ve blogged about?

The one I was shouting at the Porsche driver that we should drag race for pinks?

It died.

What started out as a really shitty morning with what seemed to be a dead battery that was not jumpable, became a two week journey thru Dante’s auto repair hell.

And ended with the hero failing and dying, very sad and it does not make for a good story, just a cautionary tale.

Among those pricey items replaced:

  • Starter
  • Spark plugs
  • Several sensors
  • Lots of wiring that was replaced.
  • While this isn’t something replaced, 40 labor hours over the course of a week and a half.

And in the end, it was found that the transmission would more or less need a rebuild due to the destructive chain of events that went down when the starter went down.

It was frustrating and expensive.

So now I am in the market for a new car.

The one bright spot in all of this is that the bicycle commuting has really tightened up my legs and cut them nicely. I look awesome.

As part of the whole “Finding a new car” thing, I have discovered a new scam on Craig’s List.

It seems to revolve around offering an unbelievable deal on a car, with the reply for info being an email address that is always photoshopped into the picture of the car.

And, while I am no expert in the realm of internet scams, the email address seems a little fake to me.

And if you are named John Smith, I won’t be apologizing for that one, just feeling sorry for you.

You really have a fucked up name.

Now, as to what exactly the scam is, I have no clue. I responded to several of those ads and I have yet to get a reply.

However, it is sure to involve some sort of oddly worded deal to take my cash without actually getting anything in return.

The sad thing is, I really don’t need a car that much. I drive maybe 50 miles a week.

Less if I am bicycle commuting, which I actually do even when my car is not dead.

But, even as little as I drive, I still need one of the goddam things.

And I do require that it actually runs.

So begins the dance.

Someone has the car I am looking for, but odds are they have an inflated sense of what it is worth.

It is my job to break them of that notion in as gentle, yet beneficial to me, fashion as possible.

And I am good at that.

This is not necessarily an honorable skill set, but I play the hand I was dealt.



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One response to “If its dead, let it go.

  1. Rockstar

    October 8, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Same with houses on Craigslist. There’ll be an ad with a gorgeous house, low rent, good ‘hood, and when you send email, you get a “I’m going to Africa, send me money now for a deposit and I’ll meet you with the key…” Um, no.


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