How many times do I need to see this?

05 Oct

I have two things bothering me today.

Not bothering me, really, just on my mind.

The first is my disappointment in the presentation of a homeless guy I saw yesterday.

And, yes, I am expecting to take some shit for this one.

I have stopped demanding that you whining pussies comment on the blog.

You only seem to feel free to speak if you are emailing anonymously.

Fine, whatever makes you feel critical and safe.

Back to the homeless guy.

I was getting French chicken salad at a place that borders a shady side of town.

The guy was leaning against my car when I arrived with my chicken take out.

“You mind getting off of my car?”

He did but glared at me the whole time.

“You got a dollar? I need a drink.”

First of all, never glare at me if you want something from me, it shits all over your chances of getting anything other than annoying bullshit out of me.

Like now.

“What is it you want to buy?”

“Huh?” Odds are, this is the first question he has received in a while.

“To drink. What is it you want to buy?”

“I don’t know, tequila?”

“Where the hell are you going to get a bottle of tequila for $1?”

At this point, he just stared in silence for a moment.

I could kind of see him coming to the conclusion that I am too much trouble, even if I did give up the dollar.

Without saying a word, he kind of shakes his head and just walks off.

I thought about it for a moment and realized that I would have given him a dollar if his presentation was better.

Funny signs work, but not forever.

Every other homeless guy in Venice, CA has that sign about “Ninja’s killed my family, need money for Kung Fu lessons.”

That got several dollars out of me the first half dozen times I saw it.

Hell, I gave $20 to the guy with the “Slept with Lindsey Lohan, need money to go to the clinic.”

Don’t judge me, that was original.

Now, if this guy had approached me in a tuxedo with his hair slicked back, and asked me in a really horrible French accent, “Do you have $50 for a ridiculously priced vintage merlot?”

God dammit! I would have done it.

Some things you just do.

Second thing that’s on my mind today.

And this one shows how bad my ADD is these days.

There is a cable channel, FX, that has a habit of showing a feature film, then showing it again, then showing it again.

Kind of an all weekend marathon of the same damned show.

Last weekend was “Deliverance” weekend.

Evidently, it makes perfect sense to the programmer for FX that the way to boost advertising dollars is to make sure I see poor Ned Beaty get ass-raped 6 times in one weekend.

The first time I saw the show was saturday noon. Good movie, Burt was awesome. (But I hope Ned got some serious Hollywood “Fuck you” money.)

And then I caught it halfway thru that night.

Then, just before football started, I was channel surfing and caught it right at the rape scene.

That happened a couple more times before the day was out, always the same scene.

And the last time was for shock value. A friend came over that I knew would be offended by the scene and I knew she had never seen the show.

God, I am such an ass at times.

She is still not talking to me.



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