The long annoying day.

02 Oct

It is midnight.

This is the day that would never end.

It begins with sleeping in.

Forgetting to set the alarm is a bitch.

I’m not that late, but I like to stop by Starbucks, get my morning coffee and watch the show.

So it really just translates into not as much people watching.

Boo fricking hoo.

As far as tough job situations go, I have it fairly easy and I know it.

However, due to the intricacies of late model car electrical systems, I am still bicycle commuting.

My car has been down for a week.

We are fixing it at my dad’s house, but he is a retired master mechanic, it is actually better service than a dealership.

There is a new diagnostic computer coming, its a rotten long story, but this beast of an automobile might be running by tomorrow.

I will believe it when I see it.

So, I am flying down the road under pedal power not much later.

Starbucks is entirely too crowded when I get there.

The line moves rather quickly, which you would think was a good thing.

Except that all the tables are taken and I already have my coffee in hand.

At the cream and sugar kiosk, I begin to devise a plan.

I finish my coffee and take one step to the right, filling up the space between the kiosk and my favorite small round table.

That table is occupied by some young business guy.

I look down and smile.

And then I wait.

The signs of someone becoming uncomfortable with a social situation are subtle in the beginning.

People, younger guys especially, are very conscious to two things.

Personal space, which I am invading, not a lot, but enough for it to register.

And the other thing is being uncomfortable with uncertain situations.

Like when a total stranger is standing too close to your table, staring at your and smiling for no reason.

It only takes about a moment more before he takes his coffee and walks off.

I have my table.

Not something to be proud of, but this is kind of my home turf.

I get homefield advantage here.

The rest of the morning is uneventful.

I won’t go into detail about what goes on at my day job, mainly because my boss reads this blog and we have an understanding.

Suffice it to say that there are several odd things that just kind of add to the general sense of oddity of the day.

By the time I get off of work, I am cranked up like a jack in the box, just waiting for another quarter turn of the handle.

And when that happens, its tough to get genie back in the bottle.

I stop off at a local place I like on the way home for some dinner.

The indigestion doesn’t even phase me by this point, I am almost expecting it.

When I get home, I rush around in a hurry.

There is a Muay Thai class I want to take at the gym in one hour.

Better to vent my frustrations hitting the heavy bag.

But my day of fun continues.

The gym it seems, cannot wipe its own ass today.

Here’s why.

I have been a member for a month.

You sign up for classes on line, in order to reserve a spot in the class.

Except that there is an issue and I can’t do that.

I have to show up a few moments before the class and hope there is a spot for me.

I have been turned away from 5 classes with no room so far.

Make that 6 if you include today.

I throw together my own workout and go home frustrated.

I mentally set aside an hour tomorrow for phone calls to the gym corporate offices.

Calling will do two things.

The first is that it will lite enough of a fire that the problem will get fixed.

The second, and this one is almost childish, I will harass and harang them until they comp me about 6 months free.

This is not a hoping type thing, I will pull it off.

It is kind of what I do for a living and I am really good at it. Long story.

So, it is after midnight as I bring this to a close.

Insomnia is in full effect and I will not be sleeping tonight.

But at least the day is over.



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