The Vegas Way.

01 Oct

Just once, I would like to see a little medieval justice.

And I am not talking about drowning someone to figure out if they are a witch.

The logic in that one is, if you drown, you are innocent, if you float, you are a witch and get burned at the stake.

But the kind of justice I am really looking for?

Lets call it the Vegas Way.


I have a friend that lives in Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world.

And guess what? He’s a gambler.

He recently related to me a story of his first couple of years in Vegas:

He had been involved in a poker game with some tourists from South Africa in a private room.

They played for several hours and he ended up winning.

One of the tourists ended up owing him $100 that he didn’t have.

No big deal, they agreed that the guy would send it to him when he got home to South Africa.

A few weeks later, a package arrives from South Africa.

It is the owed $100.

All in South African pennies.

The guy laughed and tossed a few in his pocket to show some friends and laugh about, and put the box in his car.

Later, as he was walking thru a casino, he happened to have one of the South African pennies in his hand as he passed the dime slot machines.

He noticed that the SA penny was roughly the same size as a US dime.

So, he made a mistake.

On a whim, he put it in the dime slot machine and pulled the lever.

And the damn thing worked.

What he should have done at this moment……..Was nothing.

What he did………Was bad.

He went out to the car and took several handfuls of the SA Pennies and put them in his pockets.

He went back into the casino and spent the next few hours playing the dime slots.

He won several hundred dollars.

The next day, he was on his way to meet a friend for breakfast at that same casino.

He was a little early, so he decided to play some more dime slots with his pennies.

He said that, just as he fed the 5th penny in and pushed the button, two men seemed to appear on either side of him.

They said nothing, just took him by the elbows and guided him across the casino and into the back thru a locked door.

He realised he had screwed up, was probably on his way to the security office, might be arrested, the works.


But, it gets better.

They didn’t take him to the security office.

They took him out the side door, into a loading dock area.

There was a van waiting.

They thru him in the back and off they drove.

Nobody said a word.

By this point, he said he was about to crap himself.

He was certain they were going to kill him.

They finally pulled up in front of a house in a new development area of Vegas.

Not a soul on the street because nobody lived there and no workers because it was Sunday.

They took him to the back yard, still without saying a word.

And they beat the living shit out of him.

Then they walked off and drove away.

And he understood the message.

Nobody is above an ass whipping. (Quote from an old friend, Danny Romero. He asked me to mention him, its his birthday. My blog, my rules.)

And the weird thing was, he got it.

He never tried to use the pennies at that casino or any casino, again.

Not all deterrents in live are that clear cut.

Could you imagine if the Vegas Way was used in other areas of life?

Barbaric? Yes.

Effective? Absolutely.

Its like that kid years ago who was living in Thailand with his mom, who worked for the US Embassy.

He vandalized several dozen cars.

The punishment for that is to be “Caned”.

That is being hit on the ass with a 6 foot long rattan stick.


The State Department got involved, people screamed about Thailand beating a US citizen, even Geraldo had a special show.

In the end, he got caned.

On the first interview after it happened, he said that he didn’t hold a grudge, he had broken the law, and that he would NEVER vandalize a car again.

And that, is the whole point.

Thus endeth the lesson.



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One response to “The Vegas Way.

  1. LaVicki

    October 7, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    Hope the few hundred he won paid for his teeth to be fixed!


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