Welcome to TV land!

28 Sep

I am in a time warp.

I’m at home and I just finished watching the Dick Van Dyke show.

Sidebar: Dick Van Dyke was the most talented man in Hollywood.

And Mary Tyler Moore was a stunning piece of early 60’s piece of ASS.

Andy Griffith is on next.

I will be staying up late to watch Get Smart.

There is a new cable channel dedicated to old TV shows.

Its awesome.

They were good shows, but they also remind us of when we were kids.

This is before bills, work, relationships and STDs became stress points in our lives.

And you didn’t even know what masturbation meant.

There are times I would give anything to get that monkey off my back.

But enough of that, back to Andy and a young Ron Howard.

Ron has done well since this show first aired.

He is one of the better Producer/Directors in Hollywood.

Good for him.

Andy taught him well.

Andy was the shit when it comes to small town cop that does not carry a gun.

A man’s man with a thick country accent.

And his ginger son with no mother in evidence. (We’re not going there)

And you could tell Opie would lit out of that small town as soon as he could after high school.

Its nice to see a good boy from a small town doing well in the big city.

Looking at the show guide and I may be staying up till 2am to watch a 2 hour block of MASH.

God, I miss that show.

Alan Alda was a screaming liberal, but Hawkeye was the MAN!

I have always dreamed about buying the entire run of that show on TV.

At that point, you almost HAVE to hunker down for an entire weekend and watch them all.

Go from 5pm Friday when you get off of work to Monday 5am, when you shower and drag your exhausted ass to work.

36 straight hours. Seasons 1 thru 11 without stopping.

Order pizza in, no showers, empty 5 hour energy shot bottles littering the floor.

Like a meth head on a binder.

It would be incredible.

Personally abusive, but incredible.

Definitely not the sort of thing you post on FaceBook.

Some people get this, and the rest are shaking their heads.

To each his own.

Television was the best friend of most of us growing up.

It never judged, always told you what it thought and it was always available to play.

I think I have just had an epiphany about television.

There has always been a certain element of delightful “Out of sight, out of mind.” to watching television.

No matter how bad life gets, it can wait till this weeks episode is over.

Because we know it will still be there when we’re done.



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One response to “Welcome to TV land!

  1. LaVicki

    October 7, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    I cannot even count on one hand how many times Joey and I have hunkered down to watch the God Father only breaks ? To fill our chianti glasses back and to of course eat my home made gravy over noodles! I totally get it! In fact I have two (married to each other -OH MY) girlfriends and we will do a marathon of a show at least once a month. We have marathoned -awesome show i have never seen such as ; The L Word ( of course first). Dexter. And numerous current telivisions shows from season one to get me current. It’s a wonderful time! We also get together to watch Big Brother every episode through the summers!!!


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