The tangled, sticky web.

06 Sep

Its like a God damned soap opera.

I read an article online about a love triangle.

The couple were married over 20 years ago, but it was to keep her from being deported back to Guatamala. Her name is, well, since I don’t like her, lets call her Lump.

Even after 20 years, Lump evidently still claims that it was all just to get a green card.

So we start out with a little fraud, sets the mood and gets the ball rolling, doesn’t it?

They still have sex at least once every few months, perhaps its just their way of “Keeping it real”..

Which, even by the standards of a poor marriage, sucks.

Enter the other woman, lets call her Margarette.

Margarette did the legwork and investigated the situation prior to getting naked with the guy, who we will call Conrad.(I have never liked this name.)

And Conrad, shady prick that he is, went willingly.

So they are little sex bunnies evidently.

Fast forward to 5 years later.

Conrad is still living the loveless fraud with Lump.

And Margarette is getting frustrated that he won’t leave her.

I think all three of them are seriously screwed in the head.

Sign of the times.

The person who wrote the article is a “Good friend of theirs”.

I think this “friend” is more of a Jane Goodall type, observing the animals in their natural habitat.

And the trio don’t disappoint, they behave like animals.

And we watch like pervy old dudes at some back alley skin show.

Even if you never heard about this trio before this, you have read about something similar, the internet is full of it.

Hell, the reason I started writing this blog was to relate a story about a couple arguing in public.

Guilty as charged.

Hypocrisy has a flavor to it, you can get used to it after awhile.

The internet started as a way to share information.

And what has evolved is a way to share porn of varying degrees.

Guys are what drive the porn industry.

Some women claim to love porn and make a big case out of it being a mutual thing.


The overwhelming majority of women have been fantasizing about their wedding day since they were little girls.

Men have been finding new and better ways to masturbate since they were little boys.

Doesn’t matter how well you think you know your man, ladies.

He has done some weird shit in the name of masturbation.

Yes, him too.

I don’t think it outs an entire gender if I just point out the facts in this case.

Now, how did I end up talking about masturbation?


I think I am starting to see a pattern emerging.

Awful lots of FAP talk going around.

(FAP is an internet term for the sound of male masturbation. Don’t judge, you were going to Google it anyway.)

The ladies, with few exceptions, just went “Ewwwwwww”

And some of the guys are ready to hang me.

So be it.

To quote Dennis Miller, let he who has a free hand, cast the first stone.



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