Sleep it off.

04 Sep

Coming off of one of those vacations where you don’t get a lot of sleep can only mean one thing.

Lots of make up sleep.

Its like make up sex, without the fanfare.

You are still in bed, but unless you are a necrophile, no one is having sex.

Cause I sleep the sleep of the dead.

Rip Van Bitter.

Except for the whole falling asleep for 20 years thing.

That would be kind of cool.

But I am sure that someone would steal my shoes.

But the economy would have to be better, right?

Couldn’t be any worse.

Although, by then, I will owe back taxes because I slept thru tax season.

But Washington Irving left that part out.

I always got the feeling that he wanted to be that wild guy.

Makes you wonder if his wife was a nag to the point that he was living vicariously thru Rip.

The kind of guy that could step out and sleep till she’s gone.

And then his life is one big pantsless party.

Like the guy from the herbal viagra commercial, “Stepping large and laughing easy.

I never trust those commercials.

They never really come clean with specifics.

You can watch a prescription drug commercial and they get into EXACTLY what the drug is intended to do and what the side effects are.

But that is the law I think.

The herbal viagra I mentioned a few sentences ago? Nope.

They always show a guy and his girlfriend talking about “It”.

It makes it “You know” better.

Its, yeah, bigger.

And I was like, wow.

And these are quotes.

Tough to pin down a false claim there.

Like holding water in place with a push pin.

I think if he had just finished the Rip Van Winkle story today, Washington Irving would have crumbled it up and tossed it in the trash.

In all fairness, Irving was a seriously humble guy that accomplished a lot and hurt no one, which is tough to do.

But I don’t think he would be a fan of the pace of the world today.

Life has changed.

Life is just too, required, now days.

You can no longer wander the hills and live off of the land anymore.

Which is a tough life even in its hay day.

There are a lot of “Have to’s” in the world now.

Some are good for you, some suck so bad they are almost against the laws of nature.

Taxes and most business law.

I read an article about a businessman who’s required permits and fees have increased by 5000% in just 10 years.

And everyone bitches that jobs are going overseas.

They don’t hate businesses over there.

Not everyone is a worker bee, someone has to own the factory.

But you have to hate that guy, I mean he has money.

You better agree with that statement or you will find yourself on the “No fly” list in a heartbeat.

Certain governmental agencies have NO sense of humor.

And they will not be named here.

I need to fly on occasion and I would rather not get my flying privileges revoked because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

Nuff said.



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