Motivation for the unmotivated.

29 Aug

The shortest point between two places is a straight line, in the opposite direction.

Thats a quote from the zen philosipher Basho.

Its also from one of my favorite films that quotes the zen master.

It is also horseshit.

Philosophy is, to a large extent, based on theory.

And drugs, lets not forget them.

First of all, I am a big believer in experience.

If you wasnt to be proficient in anything, just do it.

Its a lot like writing a blog.

You can find enough material on writing to spend the next decade reading.

But You will learn more about writing simply sitting down and belting out 500 words a day.

Doesn’t make you a great writer, but it does get you past the basics and on the road.

For instance, I am no longer sure that writer’s block is even a valid term.

I think it has more to do with not having written day in and day out and then, when you actually book the time to sit and write, you are trying to use a mental muscle that either hasn’t been developed enough to use or was once strong but atraphied.

Either way, I can sit and be cranking a few seconds after my ass hits the seat.


Because while I have yet to miss a workday post since August 1st 2011, I have been late a few days.

And the crappy emails are whiny things of beauty. True tributes to bitchy nonesense.

Call it what you like, I call it motivation.

Plus, bitching is warranted.

If you think about it, you are all here at my invitation, and it falls to me as host to make sure the party goes on.

And go on it shall.

I ended up writing about the goings on in Starbucks mainly because I couldn’t think of anything else to write a lot of posts about on a weekly basis.

But, Starbucks it turns out, is some pretty fertile ground.

Do you realize how many freaks are out there?

And they all love coffee.

Me too, so here I am.

I got outed the other day, I am not sure if I mentioned that.

For being a blogger.

The cashier at my favorite Starbucks asked me if he was going to read about something that had happened that morning.

It was like Lois Lane calling Clark Superman.

The facade was over.

And then reality set in.

This is a little bitty blog read by a VERY small population.

So the only one who it really matters to was me.

Thats a relief, actually.

I function better as an anonymous crude voice in the darkness.

Looking at the world with odd eyes that seem to see the stuff that others miss.

Not that it is a useful trait, but still.

That is a funny thought, my eyes.

All the better to see and blog about you with.



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