If I am such a shit, why are you reading it?

21 Aug


I will be making fun of someone during the course of this blog.

Those of a sensitive nature are encouraged to bite me.

Any attempt to chastise me will result in a vicious public vomiting of a most childish nature.

You have been warned.

I got a hate email from someone who has never written to me without telling me how hateful, rude, and bigoted I am.

I have named her before, so I may as well again.

Ms. X.

She is the email angel of death, a digital raven sitting on my shoulder and shouting “NEVERMORE” in my ear.

She shows up every now and then to put on her Mother Theresa outfit. climb on her soapbox and tell me what an evil fuck I am.


And it is always about missing the point with her.

Here’s a quote that I view as the epitome of the shit she spews at me.

“An addict is not responsible for his actions.”

I cannot tell you how much the I believe the opposite.

Everyone has to pay the fiddler at one time or another..

At the end of life, everyone has to settle up with whatever deity you believe in.

Unless of course you are an atheist, then your soul might just crumble to ash, like you never lived.

No one is above the basic laws of life.

So cram your knee jerk auto forgiveness up your ass, sideways.

Before I take off on even more of a wonton rant, let me tell what I am being pilloried for.

Fat vaginas.

You read that correctly.

First of all, I did not invent the phrase, I repeated it. There is a HUGE different.

I quoted two childish 20 somethings in Friday’s blog who were making fun of everyone and everything around them.

I will take the accusations of being a misogynist. Fine, whatever floats your boat.

The statement “Active promotion of hate” is offensive.

So is demanding someone to bite your ass, what’s your point?

People can be rude, that is a basic truth of life.

To deny that is to deny that we are all human.

And to even vaguely connect it to a rapist mentality is offensive.

It is the epitome of the modern mentality to take someone, twist it up, apply your own definitions and present it with outrage.

Happens in politics all the time.

But I am not running for office.

I am unimpeachable.

You can show up with photos of me in compromising positions with hookers and blow and I want some copies.

Wallet size prefered.

Back to my rebuttal.

Maybe its like having a black friend who uses the N-word, so you think its ok to use it yourself.


In the end it kind of comes down to that old adage of not being able to please all of the people all of the time?

So I may as well just please myself.



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One response to “If I am such a shit, why are you reading it?

  1. Beach Mom

    August 21, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    Ah, I’ve missed Ms. X. I was thinking the other day that she hadn’t reared her ugly head in quite awhile. I guess she was just doing it in private.


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