Absolutely shameful.

17 Aug

I wrote a blog a while back that lost me some readers.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I am about to do it again.

But, like the engineer watching the crash coming, I can’t do anything but watch it happen now.

Here we go.

I am sitting in my favorite Starbucks, doing what I do.

In other words, watching the crowd, looking for oddities to write about.

But, I am not alone.

There are two 20 somethings sitting next to me that are whispering the most horrendous shit, worse than I have ever said.

Whoever said that women are worse than men when it comes to shitty comments was not just blowing smoke up your ass.

Its true.

I didn’t really believe it before, but now I do.

They have a stage whispered nasty comments about everyone that passes by their table.


  • About the customers:
    • “I wonder if he has told his mother he’s gay?” (The guy was not dressed in a way that tipped me off, but my gaydar is shit, we know this.)
    • “Awww, its so sad when you don’t know your kid is retarded.” (This was directed at a mother dealing with a  difficult child. From the way mom’s head whipped around, she heard it.)
    • “She might be homeless.” (This for a woman around the same age as the heartless two, that appeared to have a rather bohemian taste in clothing.)
  • About the staff:
    • “Did you see the cashier counting on her fingers? Thats so sad.” (Hey bitch, I like the cashiers here!)
    • “I don’t know who cleans the bathrooms, but they must live in a port a john if they are ok with that.” (These spoiled bitches have never been in the type of public men’s toilet I like the call the “Monkey Hut”.)
    • “The milk station, (Cream and sugar kiosk) looks like they filmed a porn film on it.” (???)

But hands down the worst thing said today, and arguably the worst thing I have ever heard, was a comment that made me choke on my coffee when they said it.

“She either has a small penis, or a fat vagina.”

And then they erupted into a giggle fit that would have made a 13 year old girl proud.

When I began to choke, one of the girls turned to me and smiled.


The woman they were talking about was either late 30’s or early 40’s, take your pick.

She is a yoga MMF (Google “MMF bittermac) and wearing yoga pants.

I am a little unsure but I suspect that she does not shave her privates and might be a rather hairy woman.

Or, and I hate to agree with the rude girl’s, they might be right about the small penis/fat vagina thing.

A hand touched my table.

Its one of the rude girls.

“I mean, is she wearing a cup? Thats a lot of meat down there.”

I am beginning to feel a little dirty for just sitting here.

Don’t drag me into this just because I laughed.

These bitches get to burn in the karmic firestorm by themselves.

Me? I packed up my shit and left.

I might have to say a rosary to get this one off the books.




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3 responses to “Absolutely shameful.

  1. Beach Mom

    August 17, 2012 at 9:47 am

    You had me laughing a ton with this one.

    • Bittermac

      August 17, 2012 at 10:49 am

      I am still a little uneasy about it. Like I just shot a porn film I’ll regret later or something.

      • Beach Mom

        August 17, 2012 at 11:36 am

        You were just being a reporter. The girls are the ones that where saying all that stuff. Besides you even agree that something isn’t right down there on that lady.


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