Love to hate.

15 Aug

I hate doing laundry.

I start a shocking amount of blogs with the phrase “I hate”.

Are we seeing a theme here?

I know this is against the common think these days, but I believe hate is not a bad thing.

Happy always seems to come across as a little slow and lazy.

Hate has an agenda.

Henry Rollins once said, “Whatever you are going to do, do it to your fullest. If you love someone, love them with all your heart, if you hate them, hate them with every fiber of your being, till it hurts.”

Some of that may be paraphrased, but its still a solid thought process.

Besides, your mind always functions better when you have something to show it scale.

Like seeing a picture of a man standing next to a dinosaur in order to appreciate how big a Tyrannosaurus Rex truly is.

Plus, and this is just my personal opinion, I can deal with someone that hates me easier than I can someone who is happy for reasons unknown.

Twisted I know, but at least you are not shocked when they screw you over.

Happy people will still screw you over, but they seem to feel really bad about it and it always catches you totally off guard.

The people that hate? I may not like them, but at least they’re honest.

I just heard Football Hall of Famer Earl Campbell on TV saying that his mother always said its a lot of work to be nasty, but its not that hard to be nice.


I find the reverse to be true.

Nasty is incredibly easy to do and, in a really immature way, its kind of satisfying.

I went out of my way recently and was overly happy for the entire day.

I smiled at everyone I passed on the street, I tipped at anyplace with a tip jar.

Hell, I even threw out a few “Have a nice day” at several people.


I mean, I don’t even know these people, who am I to wish them a nice day?

What if they don’t deserve it?

I try not to get involved.

Religious people are often a little too happy for comforts sake.

Its annoying.

I mean, I consider myself a spiritual person with a strong personal faith.

But it wouldn’t matter if I was the pope, there are some people that still need to school you on the good book.

I’m glad Jesus loves you. Me? Not so much

Conversely, people that hate me hope I burn in hell.

Maybe I should cut the happy people some slack.

I have always envied those people that are happy drunks.

Alcohol affects me by emphasizing the nastier aspects of my personality.

If you think I spew some shit out of my mouth sober, I will break up your marriage when I am drunk.

Its never pretty.

So, I sip beer now and my friends will be so much happier.

See? Happy people.



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