Tainted fruit.

08 Aug

Irritation leads us to do rash things.

“Rash” and “Irritation” in the same sentence were purely unintentional.

But it is easy to spot someone whose buttons have or are, being pushed.

Such as the lady outside the Starbucks in Redondo.

She is on her phone, furiously whispering as she attempts to enter the Starbucks.

I say attempts because, as I walk up, I watch her step up to the door, put her hand on it to pull it open, only to freeze, spin around and walk away, with more harsh whispering into her phone.


The third time was when I was trying to enter said Starbucks myself.

I have never seen someone more irritated.

Unless you count a close friend that confided in me that they had an “Itchy Taint” that they couldn’t scratch in public.

I don’t know if thats comparable, but it is an awesome line.

But I get it, I understand irritation.

I am feeling it right now.

Mainly because I don’t know why she is irritated.

Low talkers, biggest pain in the ass for someone like me that enjoys listening in.

I lingered at the door for a few seconds, and all I could here was harsh little “SHISHY” noises.

In other words nothing.

Oh well.

In eavesdropping, just like fishing, you have to let some of them go.

Starebucks is unusually busy today.

Summer is when 65% of people take their vacations.

So why are they here?

I find it hard to believe they would be vacationing here.

Well, this is Southern California, a crap load of people come here for vacation.

And maybe I am getting tired of answering my own questions.

I am also tired of waiting in line and taking a crappy seat at the big table.

I hate the big table.

It takes a bit longer than usual to get my caffeinated beverage, and now I am seated, getting my morning routine going.

Sitting at the big table.

Through the big bay window out front, I can see the irritated woman, still out there pacing and whispering into her phone.

We are both irritated.

But at least I have coffee.

Coffee seems to make it all feel better.

Ah, the joys of a legal addiction.

Does make it convenient.

As I watch the irritated woman, I wonder what in the world would drive her bat shit angry like this?

Is she normally like this?

No clue, never seen her before.

Maybe her Iphone is controlling her mind.

Some sort of evil Apple plan for world domination.

Which would mean that I am next.

Any plan for dominance would have to include the poets of the internet age, bloggers.

That is a really flattering and flowery description for journalists that NO ONE hired.

It is really easy to declare yourself the guy in charge if no one hired you.

Its like when you are a kid and you invent a club and name yourself president and immediately declare that your little brother can’t join.

Where do you think and yours truly came from?

Nobody hired me either.

But, then again, Nobody hired Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

But they both started their own clubs and declared that the other could not join.

And thats how THAT started.



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