You want a piece of me?

27 Jul

I usually say “Google it” when I mention obscure terms or people that I know are not common knowledge.

Today I will break that tradition.

Carl Von Clauswitz was a Prussian soldier and military theorist who stressed the psychological and political aspects of war.

He was brilliant and about a century ahead of his time.

That being said, here is todays post:

The first hit caught me in the kidneys.

It was light, any harder and it would have driven me to my knees.

I used to have a friend that thought it was funny to sneak up behind you and smack you, open palmed, in the kidneys.

Thats funny till the first time you piss blood.

Anyway, thats the panic that went thru me in the first nano seconds.

Then she stomped my foot.

You don’t expect to be attacked at the cream and sugar kiosk at Starbucks.

Its kind of the last place you expect to find violence.

I drink my coffee fairly blue collar.

A little milk, a little sweetener, it only takes a second.

The guy next to me is a local lawyer I know.

Dressed very well, he doesn’t take long to fix his coffee either.

The kiosk will accommodate 2 people at a time, comfortably.

I could tell the first moment that he got hit, his whole body flinched.

Somebody put a hand on my hip and shoved.

I am not lightweight, but catch me off guard and I can be moved.

The woman shoving her way into the middle of the kiosk is ancient.

Possibly 75? 80? I am pretty bad at guessing.

This woman takes no shit, you can tell that by the look on her face.

She subscribes to the Von Clausewitz concept of “Total War”, leaving nothing out, everything commited to the battle.

Go big or go home.


She puts her coffee down and reaches for sugar, white sugar, old school.

“Excuse me.”

She says this with the air of the victor surrounding her.

She owns us, and she knows this.

The “Excuse me” is like shaking hands across the net in tennis after you beat the shit out of your opponent.

Andrea Aggassi used to do this beautifully.

The man despised his opponents, that they would dare to challenge him.

So the handshake simply told them, “This is my world.”

He was arrogant, but a warrior.

Kind of like this little old lady.

So we gave her room.

There is a time and place to fight back.

And this is not it.

Even Von Clauswitz would agree.

I am fascinated with this woman.

She looks like my friend Newark Marie, just a harmless old lady.


But Marie never exuded the aura of menace that this woman does.

There is an old adage that broken field runners are born, not made.

It is a goddamn shame this woman was not born in a time when MMA for women was popular.

Her talent is being wasted.

She’s incredible.

She is woman, damn it, hear her roar.



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