Nature of the beast.

11 Jul

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

What kind of story is this for kids?

I think it tells kids that even something as innocent as the rain is dangerous and can flush deadly insects out to bite and kill you.

Nature is violent.

We are violent, but we spend so much time denying that instinctive violence.

Even those of use with more compassion than most.

I have mentioned my friend who rescues dogs.

She is against euthanizing dogs that are at the pound too long.

Murdering another being is wrong, in her eyes.

Fair enough, noble cause.

However, the recent arrest of a dog fighting ring has upset her.

She posted their booking photos on Facebook, with the comment “I will hold my comment but I hope they die the most painful death imaginable.”

This was followed up with “I would personally like to chop each of their heads and limbs off, one by one.”

I’m so glad she is against violence.

Society tells us we have to be good (Which breaks down to tax paying.), kind(again taxes) and non-violent.

This goes against human nature.

Generosity is a learned behavior, not a natural one.

You want an example?

One of the first words a baby learns is “Mine”.

Try taking a favored toy from a 3 year old and you will see what I am getting at here.

And the violence thing is pretty basic.

For example, the thought that started this whole post was the guy at the next table at Starbucks is watching “The Godfather” on his eyepad.

He keeps replaying Luca Brasi’s murder again and again.

I am sure if I asked him, he would say that he is impressed with the acting.

The reality is that he is watching a simulation of a man being killed.

Spin that one any way you want, I am a little creeped out to be near this guy.

A few minutes later, he switches to a comedy and laughs.

And I pee a little bit.

Its that freakish a laugh.

I mean this is the Hannibal Lecter chuckle at the early morning Starbucks.

The last thing you hear as the trunk closes.

And if that line doesn’t make sense to you, you have lived a much better life than the rest of us.

I guess the thing that amuses me the most is that we judge how the cosmic application of violence is used.

We are not against violence, we are against violence being applied where we feel it shouldn’t be,

There is almost a hypocritical element to it.

Don’t make the dogs fight, but mass murder and dismemberment for the ringleaders.

I say this while hoping the ringleaders are violently raped and beaten in prison.

However the demographic is against that.

Pedophiles kind of have dibs on the brutal treatment in jail.

As for the majority of convicts in general population while they are not in favor of dog fights, they are not against them either.

I think it would be neat to turn their dogs on them.

Now that would be worth watching.

(Hint, bet on the pitbull in that fight.)



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