Hush kiddies, the adults are talking.

29 Jun

I am watching the most intense study group.

The subject is math and there is a semi loud argument going on.

All in Chinese.

The math, what little words are involved, is in English.

Numbers are universal.

The study group numbers about ten kids in all.

16 years old, maybe 17, definitely high school age.

And no slackers.

Not one cell phone on the table.

Everyone is heavily invested in the discussion.

Even the girls, and for the Chinese, that is a big deal.

I always thought that math was pretty cut and dried.

Follow the steps, and you are there.

From a certain amount of peeking at their papers, this is calculous.

For sophmores?

I am looking at the future here.

This is goddam America.

These kids are not trying to get a Kush card or sitting around holding up a sign that says they only want a cold beer.

These kids are hard charging academic badasses that obviously will have masters and doctorates before they are thru.

Possibly this is a meeting of the future engineers of the world.

And it makes me wonder.

How did we go from being a country of people who wanted to excel and reach the 1% and instead we are a nation of unmotivated 99%-ers?

Whining and finger pointing has replaced busting your ass to get ahead.

I have never announced my political party on Facebook.

I have been accused of being everything from Republican, to Tea Party, to Libertarian, all the way to Anarchist. (Quit taking me out of context)

But I made a comment on a comment string recently and got called all sorts of names.

The argument was some Occupy bunch was trying to point out how unfair the system was.

A cashier at a local pharmacy chain had 5 kids. Single mom. Not a widow, just made the conscious decision to have kids with no partner.

I made the comment that it seemed irresponsible to bring so many kids into the picture, when you had no marketable job skills to adequately support them.

You would think I pissed in the punchbowl in front of grandma and her friends.

I was told that, obviously I was a Republican, because that is the only group that would say having children  was wrong. (Not what I said, but it made his point.)

I was told that I was obviously Tea Party, because they hate women. (Also not what I said, and it was from the same person. Make up your damn mind what I am.)

In the long run, I am a mix of a lot of things.

Among other things, I believe that, as much as possible, the Government should stay out of our lives, don’t act like my mother, and that we should all be responsible adults that take care of ourselves in a realistic way.

So, you don’t put yourself 60K in credit card debt when you make minimum wage and then piss and moan about the evil credit card companies.

Birth control is relatively cheap, (despite what the law school slut that wanted 3K a year for birth control), so don’t have kids you can’t afford.

If you want to be a contributing member of society, get a job, pay taxes and vote.

Otherwise, I simply view you as a punk.

I recently heard a lot of angry words from people who claim that the police have done them wrong, lied, cheated, and beaten them. I also heard from the people who support the police and their works.

Cops do a job that few would want to, and get paid little, in my opinion, to do so.

Are there bad cops?

According to some, yes.

I have had more than a few run ins with the police, and to be perfectly honest, which seems to be in short supply, any harshness I have run into I would to say I deserved.

On the other hand. I have found honesty and consistency in short supply with those that claim the cops are corrupt.

I was once given a card from a guy at an event, and it detailed how to basically tell a cop to fuck off I am not even giving you my name, in legalize.

When I asked why, he said that it was necessary because the cops will search your stuff illegally otherwise.

To find what? I ask because I am THAT innocent and naive.

Drugs is the answer that comes without hesitation.

Have you been wrongly busted for drugs, I ask.

Yes, but they were not his.

Of course they weren’t, how silly of me.

For perspective, I went to the drug and alcohol counselor in the family and asked If the cops plant drugs and do all this bad stuff.

The statement was that all users come into group therapy making that claim. It is after a lot of counseling and groups that they finally come clean and admit that, shocker, the drugs were theirs.

Given what I have seen and observed of human nature, I would have to put the “You are lying thru your teeth” ball back in the users court.

This is goddam America.




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2 responses to “Hush kiddies, the adults are talking.

  1. Cheryl

    June 29, 2012 at 10:10 am

    Hi love, I love ur writings, period ! What happened to the Chinese, I’m a wreck lace republican, mi think u have to be white and old ,oh and a hater to claim republican. Some days I act democratic, only when no ones looking. And when I’m buzzed I’m an occupy , whatever town I’m in. I started out a welfare mom, figured out 1+1 = 2 and now I’m the 1%, yes the white girl on food stamps turned 1%, don’t talk about it too much because the ones who don’t live with in their means , get mean. Love my Prius and new boobs are coming right along. And 16 homes , none under water, call guinesse book !
    One thing is true no matter what mood someone’s in or how evil the credit card co are for allowing broke people to buy big screen t.v.s…….. I love Willys blogs, every fucking last one. Xoxoxo

    • Bittermac

      July 9, 2012 at 12:31 pm

      Let slow this run on sentence down a touch. Breathe sugar. The Chinese kids were plotting the overthrow of the free world, last I saw. And you never once sent me a text pic of the new boobs, so I am doubtful they exist.


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